Nick Lewin’s Mental Trilogy

Mentalists and magicians worldwide are very excited about this release. A 15-minute piece of mental magic that involves three effects artfully blended into a surefire routine guaranteed to get a huge reaction from any audience. This effect has been the heart of Nick’s corporate show for over 25 years and is one of his most closely guarded secrets. The routine takes a series of predictions and revelations which escalate smoothly and synergistically into a blockbuster entertainment that is guaranteed to astound audiences. The carefully modulated audience involvement will fill the largest showroom without needing to bring any spectators onstage. Whether you are a mentalist or a magician, this routine packs a punch that you will delight in delivering in your show. Nick’s take on presenting mentalism to contemporary audiences is thorough and groundbreaking.

• A Powerhouse Routine for both Mentalists and Magicians. Three effects rolled into one in an escalating timeline that gets more impossible as it evolves.
•Every psychological nuance is covered and thoroughly explained based on 25 years of performing the routine.
•Included in the manuscript is Nick’s highly acclaimed and unique handling of the Tossed Deck. On its own, this routine is a powerful addition to any performer’s repertoire. As part of this trilogy, it is a game-changer!
•The FedEx Trick is specially designed to score maximum impact with corporate buyers. Various powerful handlings are discussed.
•Every detail and more importantly EVERY WORD that is needed to allow you to put this routine effortlessly into your show is explained.
•Also detailed are any “outs” that might possibly be needed if your spectators get things wrong, or just plain want to mess things up! This way you ALWAYS come out a winner.
•An audience-tested routine that will be a sensation every time you perform it.

        Read what master mentalist Richard Webster had to say.

“Nick Lewin’s Mental Trilogy is worth a king’s ransom to the right person. He’s performed this routine hundreds – maybe thousands – of times, and it’s evident in the well-written and detailed instructions that cover absolutely everything, including outs whenever something goes wrong. This is a wonderfully entertaining routine that builds steadily in three stages and finishes with a powerful climax. I can’t wait to perform it.”
-Richard Webster-

“I have just finished reading it. Twice! It’s brilliant. Such fantastic thinking and this will be added to the show for sure. What a brilliant piece. Thanks so much for sharing.”     -Ashley Turner-

With Nick’s Mental Trilogy I’m instantly a mentalist!I put it in the show and got huge reaction immediately.                                   I was shocked! ”       -Jason Andrews-

“Simple moves technically — combined with your decades of performance skills have given you another tour de force.   Mental Trilogy is fun, impressive and is going into my fall 2020 tour.”         -Cyrus Albertson-


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