Non-Tossed Deck

Nick Lewin’s Non-Tossed Deck

Every Professional Needs This Effect In Their Arsenal. Don’t leave home without it.

The Tossed Deck is often described as the worlds greatest card trick for stage use. When you see the impact it creates with minimal props it is easy to see why. This routine is the strongest version possible, complete with multiple handlings that make it absolutely foolproof. Our DVD is a 66-minute master class containing everything you need to know to present this classic routine. effect. Utilizes a minimum of props which are expertly routined in order to play really BIG in your show.


  • This routine plays perfectly in corporate, club or theatre venues. 
  • An insanely strong feature effect for your show that will cost you way less than 100 dollars!
  • Incorporates great visual audience participation without needing to bring anyone onstage.​
  • Multiple variations and endings are fully explained so you can always create the maximum impact.
  • A 66 minute DVD that explains not only what to say but why to say it. Every Subtlety and psychological nuance you NEED to know.
  • Includes 2 special decks of cards, an extra gimmick, the DVD and everything else needed for performance.

“Got mine Yesterday! I’ve done the Tossed Out Deck for years, but I wanted to get this to see if there was anything I could learn. I can tell you that I picked up several tid-bits that will make my performance of this MUCH stronger. For what you get the value of this is a bargain! Buy it now, you will not regret it.  -Shawn O’Brien- 

“This Routine is absolute dynamite! Everything is covered including things you never thought of. That’s why Nick is a master at entertaining! He has perfected his routines and is nice enough to share.”  -Jack Shea-

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