Taking A Stab

“Taking A Stab” teaches not one but two great routines for close-up, parlor, or stage performances. The Card Stab is one of the great plots in card magic with a powerful and guaranteed applause winning finale. The Nick Lewin Card Stab has taken the normal climax to the effect and added a double punch that drives audiences wild. As an added bonus, Nick teaches Roy Johnson’s seldom seen stage version of the Card Stab. Both of these routines have been featured in Nick’s Las Vegas comedy magic shows.

These two routines require a minimum of props but manage to make a really big impact with any audience. In fact, both routines are ideal to add to your “commando show,” and if your props fail to arrive you can pick up everything you need to perform either effect at any pharmacy or hotel gift shop. However, don’t make the mistake of confusing the props utilized with the effect on an audience. Both of these routines are extremely strong and powerful pieces of magic that will have audiences laughing, gasping, and applauding.

Spend an enjoyable evening watching this download, rehearse a little, and you will be rewarded with two gems of highly commercial magic that you’ll be performing for many years to come. For under 20 dollars it may well prove to be one the best investments you ever make for your performing repertoire.



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More About Taking A Stab

–Two perfect Card Stabbing routines for close-up, stage, and parlor performance.

–The Nick Lewin Card Stab has a killer double punch ending and is a GREAT routine for TV.

–Nick teaches his handling of Roy Johnson’s highly commercial and funny stage card stab routine.

–Detailed instructions show every move, word, and detail needed to entertain audiences with both of these remarkable routines.

–The video is a 50-minute intensive tutorial, complete with live footage of Nick performing both routines.

–A minimal amount of props result in a maximum amount of entertainment.

“Nick showed this to me in Las Vegas… my jaw hit the table when the deck vanished. Real magic and real entertainment… from a real pro.”  -Blair Robertson

“The only bad thing about this whole deal…Nick didn’t keep it between he and I. He’s letting the whole damn lot of you in on this!’  -Dave Elliott

“Nick Lewin’s Card Stab is better than porn. It’s got a great climax AND a kicker ending!”  -Ray Anderson

“You will want to add this to your own working repertoire.  This is a great commercial effect worthy of any pro’s repertoire.”             -Marc DeSouza, M.U.M. Magazine.

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