Ultimate Six Card Déjà Vu.


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One of the most valuable tricks that I perform is my Six Card Dèjà Vu routine. It is an adaptation of the classic 6 Card Repeat which incorporates a very effective twist in the plot line. It is a feature trick that fits in the top pocket but can be performed effectively on a big stage. It is so effective that I use it to close my second show, it also makes a great opening effect. I have it in my jacket pocket every time I walk out in front of an audience.” —-Nick Lewin.

Everything needed to perform this routine is included in this package, including a DVD that details every move,NLU 6 Card deja vu Ad2NLU 6 Card deja vu Ad2 rhythm and detail to perform this routine exactly as Nick does it. You will be able to add this classic to your show with confidence after a minimum of rehearsal time with the many subtleties revealed on this detailed DVD. Once you start to perform it, you will find the routine a secret weapon in your repertoire. It is the epitome of the “Pack Small—Play Big” style of effect that has made Nick Lewin such a commercially effective performer. 

The routine is fast, funny and really packs a punch! As effective performing for kids as it is for adults, this is the kind of magic that will make you a better magician and entertainer. Nick has been performing and refining this routine for nearly thirty years and shares every detail needed to make it as big a hit in your show as it is in his. The 6 Card Repeat is a classic that has stood the test of time, here it has been streamlined and given a twist that improves audience reaction vastly. The package also includes the full script that Nick uses when he performs it professionally. 

For more details and to order visit lewinenterprises.com

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