Cruise Magic -the DVD-

In 2012 I wrote and published a great little book called, “Cruise Magic 101. How to make a great living performing magic on a cruise ship.”  The book was very successful and provided many people with a roadmap to a brand new, and highly lucrative career as a performing magician.

In early 2019 I realized that some of the information in the book needed to be updated. Since the release of my book, I have answered many questions from performers who were interested in this ever-expanding marketplace. I incorporated a lot of these questions and my answers into this new two DVD set. The result is three hours of nonstop information that are the clearest guide available to anyone who wants to take his act onto a ship. These two DVDs are a virtual master class of practical and powerful information. The nice part is that most of this information will help improve your show even if you only work on land!


“I wish Nick would have kept at least a few details about ships secret. These DVDs hold nothing back!”          

-Jason Andrews-

“You made my first time onboard seem like I was a super pro.” 

-Jon Armstrong-

“Your DVDs will save acts a LOT of time!” 

-Greg Otto-


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Topics included in “Cruise Magic -the DVD- Volume One,” include, the right gig? getting booked, booking materials, close-up, about the shows, video & iMag, types of cruise ships, health & insurance, guests and cabins, comedy material, magic material, travel tips, and the showreel.

Volume Two of “Cruise Magic -the DVD” covers, the chain of command, passengers, clothing, walking you through, the rehearsal, your show, music, bows, merchandise, no props, just say no, it’s a hazard, potential problems, and more.


Also available from Lewin Enterprises is Nick’s original book “Cruise Magic 101,” and two performance items mentioned in the DVDs. To go to our website and check out the various variations  CLICK HERE



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