It’s a Ringer!

“It’s a Ringer” is a fast, visual piece of close-up, and parlor magic that starts with a laugh and ends with a gasp. In the two minutes between that laugh and gasp are five separate powerful magic effects using a borrowed finger ring. The routine builds and builds with each step becoming more impossible than the last. The ring and rope never had a powerful finale, but now it does! This download teaches exactly how to construct the simple prop utilized; add a length of rope and a borrowed finger ring, and you are ready to go. 

The routine is adapted from ideas by Nick Lewin, Ray Grismer and Peter Kane; it is simple, direct, and packs a wallop. This is the exact routine that Nick uses in combination with his Nightmare 3-2-1 Rope Routine. Many of our customers have asked us to release it, and here it is.
No complicated sleight-of-hand is required to achieve the dazzling suite of magic the audience sees. A little rehearsal in front of a mirror and you will be ready to fool and entertain any audience. This is a routine that you will use a lot.

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  • Can be used for Close-up, Parlor. Perfect for strolling gigs.
  • Totally and complete explanation makes it a ready to go miracle.
  • Comes with full details needed to construct the one special prop required for the routine.
  • ​An incredible amount of strong visual magic packed into a two-minute routine.
  • Works perfectly with our Nightmare 3-2-1 Rope Routine.
  • A 27-minute intensive tutorial.
  • An escalating routine in which each segment successfully “tops” the last one.
  • Every psychological subtlety in the routine is fully explained and taught in detail to ensure a perfect presentation.​​

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“Ringer is immediately going into my show. The routine is stunning and it fits in my pocket!”

-Jason Andrews-

“This is an extremely well structured and thought out routine that you WILL use under all working conditions.”  

       -Vanish International Magic Magazine-

“Loved ‘It’s a Ringer!,’ The way you tied the ring/rope routine together with the card box is really devious. Great Stuff.”

-Mark Holstein-

“A brilliant presentation – thank you.

-Steve Davis-


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