Meet Our Team.

Say Hi to the creative team behind Lewin Enterprises.

In 2011 Susan and I launched our first magic release from our fledgling company Lewin Enterprises. That premiere release was my “Ultimate Linking Finger Rings” package. It sold to an amazing amount of top professionals and got raves. Our second release was my book “Cruise Magic 101” which went on to become the acknowledged textbook on this topic. Now in August 2018, we currently have 22 items available on our retail internet site.                                                                     with the majority being our Signature Line of time and stage tested modern classics. Our DVDs have become user-friendly mini masterclasses that often give an unprecedented chance to really nail a commercial piece of magic and add it to the show. Our props are handmade to a ridiculously high standard, right here in the United States of America. Let me introduce the tea

Our creative team has been a delight to work with as over the years. Our company has grown because of our desire to really get the job done right. 

I would like to take the time to introduce all of the team to my blog readers. At the heart of the company are Susan and me, we assume a lot of roles and handle a lot of different jobs. We take a pride not only in our products but in the way they are manufactured, packaged and shipped. Susan is in charge of receiving orders and shipping them out. This is usually handled so that the product is en route to our client within 24 hours. Show me the magician who wants to wait longer than he has to for his new trick?

Our main graphics are handled by the very talented Steve Mitchell. It was Steve who first encouraged us to launch the company and he has created many great designs for our company. Mitchell also works extensively on design work for Shoot Agawa, David Regal, Pop Haydn, Milt Larsen, The Magic Castle and It’s Magic! Steve is a visionary artist and his work has been an inspiration to us from day one. For the last eight years, Steve has been producing a very cool monthly magic show in California. The event is called Junkyard Magic and you can check out details on the website at

Our Technical Director is Rolando Medina, it is Rolando who is able to produce most of the top quality and highly specialized props that form the heart of many of our releases. Medina’s attention to detail and impeccable dedication to workmanship are a huge part of our organization and we appreciate his powerful assistance in almost every area. You can check out Rolando’s own website of incredible magical manufactures at   Rolando is also a very skilled magical performer with an incredible knowledge of Sideshow Magic.

Many of our videos were shot by the mega-talented Eric Graham, Eric is an awesome talent who has helped capture most of our Signature Routines. Additional Photography, Shooting, and Editing have been provided by Sideshow Bert and Miko Montgomery. We have a great network of friends and perfectionists that create unique memorable


Check Out Our Company Website. CLICK HERE.


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