The Magic Castle Cabaret. Get ready for something special!

A Magical Jewel Box In The Making.

It was my very great pleasure on a recent Los Angeles visit to drive down the coast with Steve Mitchell to Santa Barbara and get an early peek at the soon to be opened Magic Castle Cabaret. The Magic Castle Cabaret is not yet fully opened but membership is already thriving including celebrities such as Steve Martin. I fully expect it to be quite sensational when it is completed. The location is perfect and this stunning microcosm of the original Castle is going to be the hottest ticket in town!

I always regret that I was not around when the Magic Castle was in its infancy (I joined in 1974) and it was very kind of Milt and Arlene Larsen to give me a sneak peek at their latest creation. The Cabaret was not set up and was an exciting melange of those glorious oddities and antiques that Milt seems to be able to materialize from somewhere. The Cabaret has been opened up for a few test runs and is on the path for a full-scale opening later this year. I will write a  full story in Vanish Magazine about the club upon its opening, until then here is a glimpse of a wonderful work in progress. The Magic Castle Cabaret has plenty of surprises in store for its guests but there will be no spoilers here!


~ by Nick Lewin on October 27, 2018.

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