72 Hour Flash Sale On My Multiplying Bottles Routine

This is a 72-Hour Flash Sale on my detailed MasterClass DVD detailing my handling of the classic Ken Brooke routine. Don’t miss out!

From Saturday 20th –Monday 23rd October.

To order this effect follow the link and use the coupon code   FLASH BOTTLES at checkout,   CLICK HERE 


The Multiplying Bottles is one of the great small illusions. It is strong visual magic that packs a big punch. This is a rare chance to get a 20% discount on one of our most popular DVDs. Don’t miss out! From Saturday 20th –Monday 23rd October.

This DVD contains everything you need to know to present Nick Lewin’s updated handling of this classic effect. The routine is based on Ken Brooke’s legendary routine. Nick discusses bottles, tables, lead in effects, extra surprises and the entire patter is included with this video tutorial. Whether you already perform the effect or want to add it to your show this DVD is something you need.

Read what top international Pro Bernard Reid had to say;

“I personally have done the Multiplying Bottles since they first appeared and I learned from, and followed Ken Brooke’s original instructions. When I moved to Las Vegas I saw Nick Lewin do the Multiplying Bottles and was totally floored by what Nick achieved with this effect. It all of a sudden made me feel inferior as I hadn’t picked up on the nuances or finesse of the routine that Nick had embraced. Nick Lewin’s Ultimate Multiplying Bottle routine is the pinnacle of all M.B. routines and worthy of deep  consideration by all magicians”

To order this effect follow the link and use the coupon code   FLASH BOTTLES at checkout,   CLICK HERE 


“I absolutely love watching the multiplying bottles. I’ve always loved this routine. Now, finally, there is a comprehensive master course that explains ALL the ins and outs for this classic. Nick Lewin covers everything in this DVD. In addition to the actual routine the audience sees, Nick answers the questions you weren’t aware to ask. From what bottles to use, to the best way to ‘get into’ this mini-illusion, to how to store and care for the props. Having learned from Ken Brooke himself, the tips and advice Nick shares gives me the confidence that spending the time to get this classic right will be well worth it. Thank you, Nick Lewin, for another remarkable training product!”  –Willard Royal–



~ by Nick Lewin on October 19, 2018.

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