My Magical Mystery Tour….

My Magical Mystery Tour…so far! I bet you can’t name all the magicians in it……

This is a fun little video that I used to play before my shows. You can kinda’ follow my career, see some clips of my various TV roles and also clips/photos of some of my magical friends and mentors!

AcornWorkflow-2014.11.25 21.54.25


~ by Nick Lewin on December 21, 2015.

One Response to “My Magical Mystery Tour….”

  1. Well done Nicky!
    Ken and Billy would of loved their cameos.

    After being bogged down by blogs, put to sleep by gibberish of Cafes and Buzz words, and wonder; doesn’t anyone think anymore, along comes Mr. Lewin and puts faith back into turning on the computer and reassuring me that clicking on to something REAMARKABLE Magic is just that. It’s a place that makes me and my brain smile.
    Thanks for the early gift Nick!
    Merry Christmas and Love to you and the family!

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