Color Changing Silks in Las Vegas!

This is a fun version of my color changing silks routine that I found on an old hard drive! I really love this trick and used it to open literally hundreds of shows over the years. It has everything going for it as an opening effect……

This video doesn’t exist

This version was filmed in about 1991 and was from my one-man show “Comedy Magic” which played for nearly 5 years at the Maxim Hotel in Las Vegas. The routine served me well for every one of those shows and kicked things into action and allows me to really take command of the audience. The opening trick is the most important one for any performer and needs to be chosen with extreme care.

I recently released my version of this effect with a very specially constructed dye tube that assists in some truly amazing handling (I do not use this handling on this version. Sorry but you have to buy the trick for that!) I have been getting raves from the performers who have purchased the routine. We supply the trick for performance with 12, 18 or 24 inch silks. The tubes are hand crafted in America utilizing metal rather than the customary copper, this means they are can be used with the supplied magnets for extremely interesting ways to steal and ditch them. You can order it from my web site

The props are all very high quality and the DVD teaches the routine and alternative handling in a minutely detailed manner. I can honestly say that this is very best prop and handling of this effect available and a perfect classic routine to add to your act. You can find another more recent video and further details about the routinely by clicking HERE


~ by Nick Lewin on December 15, 2015.

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