Read about Mark and Nani Wilson in the new Vanish magazine!

Mark WilsonI am going to use this blog post to direct you to an article recently wrote about Mark and Nani Wilson for ‘Vanish’ magazine. It is actually the first of two articles that cover the incredible career of this legendary magical duo, In case you are not familiar with ‘Vanish’ it is a really great, and totally free, downloadable magic magazine published by Paul Romhany and edited by Paul and Chipper Lowell. It is a really great resource for any magician with access to a computer. I write a column every issue and also the occasional feature articles such as these ones on the Wilsons. The magazine is published on a bi-monthly basis and is also available in a tablet format. If you want to check it out and download issues go to our website I think you will enjoy it a great deal.

I got to spend a delightful time interviewing Mark and Nani in their treasure trove of a warehouse/office in Valencia, Ca. It was fascinating to follow the seven decades of Mark’s career. This is the man who almost singlehandedly created television magic in America. I learned a great deal about many aspects of our industry during the interviews and hope I managed to pass along some of this information within my story. There are many twists and turns in Mark’s magical journey and I think it will be of interest to magicians world wide. Mark is also writing a highly personal series about his life on his website and you might want to check them out.

The articles are illustrated with some very cool photos taken by Chipper that not only cover Mark’s career but also give you a peak inside their amazing magical  facility. I have used a couple of the photos, that I took while visiting it, in order to illustrate my blog post. I am now returning to the International headquarters of Nick Lewin Enterprises (OK my laptop!) to work on my next feature length articleabout David Regal. I am a huge fan of Mr. Regal and am excited to be able to write a story about this magical gem. I do love my life!



~ by Nick Lewin on June 7, 2013.

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