A great book………….about a great man!

If you have any interest in Apple Products, then you should really read the new biography about Steve Jobs written by Walter Isaacson. it is called (wait for it!) Steve Jobs. It is a long and detailed biography and the only bio that I have ever restarted immediately just ‘cos I know I rushed through it too fast!

If you are reading it expecting a portrait of a saint——well, if you are reading it at all, you know that isn’t the case! Jobs was a fascinating man who combined so many contadictive qualities that they whirled around into a complex dialectic of contradictory forces that fueled one of the most influencial men in the last 100 years.

Was he a nice man? No. Was a he a genius? Yes. Without him you and I might have been totally eliminated from joining the digital era and the computer would have belonged to the government or the CIA. Amazingly enough for a man of such intense privacy, as soon as he knew he was likely to die he chose a suitable biographer and let him loose to tell the full story. The Good, The Bad & The Ugly.

If you think Jobs rode people to hard then just try and grasp how hard he drove himself. He was no ordinary being and his legacy shows it clearly. His famous ‘Reality Distortion Field’ was just a tool to make the possible out of the impossible. Not only would he not accept second best, he wouldn’t even conceed that it was an option!


To a Bob Dylan freak like myself it is fascinating to see the influence that Dylan cast over Jobs. Dylan thrives on spontaneous intuition and Jobs thrived on the same thing. Their similarities are profound and to say that Jobs wasn’t a ‘nice’ man is like the boring old cliche that Dylan didn’t have a ‘good’ (by which most people mean a ‘pretty or an ‘accurate’) voice, it totally misses the fucking point. Here are two giants whose intuitive path to perfection was guided by honesty and disregard for the feelings of lesser beings. The world has so many pigmys and so few giants.

This is a great book about a great man. Download it and read it on your iPad and take the time to be amazed at how much Jobs achieved during your lifetime. If you want to be brutally honest, then ask yourself what you achieved during the same time.


A book to learn from about a man who transcended and transformed more in his lifetime than we can even dream of…….



~ by Nick Lewin on November 10, 2011.

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