A little bit more about my Linking Finger Ring Routine

 I have been delighted with the response after my blog entry and mention in Magic New Zealand about the limited release of my signature Linking Finger Ring routine.

I have had a great many enquire about it and an astounding amount of purchases just from that announcement. If I may, I would like to take the opportunity to say a few more words about it and respond to some of the questions I was emailed.

New Zealand’s own Richard Webster, a mentalist and author I respect more than any other magician, was kind enough to send me the following quote about the routine,  “Your version of the Himber Rings is hilarious, mystifying, and one of the closest things to real magic I’ve ever seen.”

As I suspected there are many people out there in the magic world who would like to add this truly reputation making piece of magic to their repertoire. Many people have bought rings but then ‘hit a wall’ when it comes to actually finding a strong routine. I can get you over that wall and save you many, many years in your learning curve to performing it.

In the last 30 plus years I have developed a totally unique routine that, along with a handful of others, has earned me a fine living. The impact of the routine is achieved with a collection of linguistic and psychological subtleties that is not easy to teach. It requires enormous attention to detail in order to pass on the full routine. It is a truly stunning piece of magic and the impact on an audience is astounding. The effort both to teach, and to learn it correctly is well worth the detail and work involved.

The routine that I am offering is presented with exactly that degree of detail. This limited edition of the routine will come complete with the Book, a DVD, a CD containing the correct royalty free music cues, and a 50 minute Skype or similar one-on-one learning session. It also comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity and full performing rights. I believe anything less would fail to do it justice. Only these 100 sets will have full television performance rights.

I made my debut on American television with an early version of this routine on ‘The Merv Griffin Show.’ Merv described it as, “The most amazing piece of magic I have ever seen.” I performed the fully-fledged routine on a cable special that aired on Comedy Central and it received an ACE nomination for excellence in cable broadcast. Those TV rights mean something!

My performance of this effect at the Hollywood Foreign Press (the group who present the Golden Globe Awards) ‘Tribute to Orson Welles,’ was another milestone in my career. The producers hired me to perform this specific routine because they realized its amazing impact and decided it would be a fine tribute to Mr. Welles’ love of magic. I followed Peter O’Toole in the event and preceded Jane Fonda. I would like to claim it was me they wanted, but it wasn’t—–it was this routine!

I am limiting this package to 100 people and I am being very careful to make sure no single market has to many people performing the effect. You deserve that if you purchase the routine, just as every other purchaser deserves the guarantee of secrecy that needs to be signed to make the purchase.

This routine is not for amateurs but the professional performer who will take the time to learn to present it in the correct manner. While not a complex routine from the sleight-of-hand viewpoint, it has a structure and a dialogue that needs to be studied very carefully. My package teaches you how to perform it with devastating effect almost anywhere at anytime.

I am now able to say that the full routine will be assembled and ready for purchase by early spring of next year. I will soon be accepting firm orders and expect the entire publication to sell out very quickly. If you have a serious interest then let me know so that I can continue to keep you informed and up to date on the progress.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am happy to answer specific questions if they are thoughtful and intelligent! Send me an email at nicklewin1@mac.com to keep in touch or to reserve your number and place amongst the 100 people who receive this package.



~ by Nick Lewin on November 9, 2011.

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