A chance to learn the ultimate routine of one of magic’s greatest tricks.

I have been asked many times if I was ever going to release my version of the Linking Finger Rings. It is a trick that I have featured in my act for 35 years and has been a major source of income as well as a reputation maker for me. I never wanted to do so because my handling is unique and unlike anything else seen in the magic world. Frankly, it has been to darn important to making my living. 

In fact I have stopped performing this routine if I know magicians are around, except for VERY special occasions. I have not featured my actual handling on any video tapes or DVDs and have shared my secrets with practically no-one. This is in spite of on many occasions being offered big bucks to teach the routine to individuals.

My routine has many advantages over other published routines and has been though out carefully and refined for over three decades. It has opened many doors for me and I hold it in a very special place in my heart.

One of my proudest moments was when Dai Vernon told me that if he wanted to perform a magic act professionally the first thing he would do is come to me and offer me what ever I wanted to part up with the routine! I still have the videotape of Dai sitting in the front row of the Parlor in the Castle when he made this statement watching me perform the routine.

Jeff McBride said, ” I’ve seen Nick Lewin perform on stage in Las Vegas and can say this…his routine is the most entertaining Linking Finger Ring Routine I have ever had the pleasure to witness.” 

Mac King said, “Nick Lewin’s solution for the Himber Ring routine is far and away the best one for any real working magician. If you really want to sell your routine put me first on the list.”

Billy McComb said, “Nick’s routine is far and away the best in the business and is one of the reasons he makes the big bucks!”

Well, these are quotes from some of the people I most respect in the business. I got these quotes when I was first dabbling with the idea of sharing the routine. I am now half-way through a truly comprehensive treatise on the trick with a totally detailed description of my handling of my routine. The detail in which I am covering the various key elements is scaring even me! I am holding nothing back in the Book/DVD combination that I am going to market. 

A large part of the routine is linguistic in its approach, an equally large part is psychological and I am probably revealing more information about ‘selling’ small magic to large crowds than has ever been assembled in one single source before. I regularly perform this routine for LARGE crowds–up to 2500 people in Performing Arts Centers and I have also adapted it so that it can be performed for as few as 40 people. Put the ring in your pocket and you are ready to go.

Not only is the sequence of magic unbelievably strong but the routine is Kick-Ass funny! I am holding back nothing, not a joke, not a move, not one wrinkle and I invite you to use any or all of these in your performance. many a magician has released a pet routine and then bitterly complained when other performers use it! I am not going to do that–if you buy (I don’t mean steal, photocopy or dub!) this routine you will get a signed  certificate of ownership. I will also grant a very limited number of certificates that offer full television rights to the routine.

As I start my semi-retirement I am not reluctantly but gladly sharing the various routines that have earned me a good living for 40 years. I don’t, however, want to give them away ‘willy nilly’ or to people who are not suitable to perform the routines involved. I am only interested in sharing with performers who will do justice to the items involved. This is only fair to my other clients. 

 Many people have spent fortunes (in my opinion) buying fancy Himber Rings–Gold, Silver, duplicates etc. etc. and 9 times out of 10 times they never use them. It’s not the ring that matters–it is the ROUTINE! If I just wanted to make money I would sell you a fancy ring with this package. This is not the case, I will tell you how to buy the right ring at the cheapest price and do any customizing yourself– if you want to. Personally I use the 40 dollar ring that is the cheapest on the market! If the audience is thinking about the ring then you are doing the trick wrong.

I am inviting anyone who is interested in learning this definitive routine, of one of magic’s strongest tricks to contact me directly. I want to know who is buying it! I want to be able to personally assist you in making sure you understand and can perform the routine that is taught on the book and DVD. I am only interested in selling it to somebody who wants to do it right. Maybe I’m crazy but that is the only way I want to do business!

For pre-purchase information email me at nicklewin1@mac.com    

~ by Nick Lewin on October 16, 2011.

4 Responses to “A chance to learn the ultimate routine of one of magic’s greatest tricks.”

  1. Hi thereI just bought two himber rings from China, they arrived with no instructions and linked!! Please help me to learn the routine,
    thank you


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