The new ‘Magic Castle’ in Hollywood……maybe, not likely, but good luck!                                                                         and_martinis.php

It has been interesting to read the various opinions in the Magic Castle group page on Facebook about the ‘Hollywood Magic Bar’ that is opening, both figuratively and literally in the shadow of the Magic Castle. I think the main reason for complaint was that it implied a ‘Move over Magic Castle we are the brightest, newest kid on the block–ready to give you a run for your money!’ Well that is the kind of thing/notion that publicists are paid to say, it is their job to say it. It isn’t easy going into competition with a Legend—you need all the bluster you can summon up.

The bar might do quite well, my recent visits to the Castle has convinced me that a younger demographic (early or first daters?) has flourished at the Castle. More power to that! The Castle doesn’t really do much to overtly cater to this crowd and that might be quietly beneficial to it’s success in this area. The thought of aerialist and DJs make the HMB sound a little suspect to me, however a really good martini–maybe served on an Ice Bar. Ah, that’s a different story!

I have been playing around with a Magic Martini theme for a couple of years (Shameless plug– I still have some limited edition prints left in my online store) and I rather like it. Maybe the Castle could think about a really cool Martini Bar on their premises? A pleasant touch of elegance in a pretty expensive nightspot–with pretty expensive drinks. Probably the HMB will be closed in a few months and they can buy the hardware at bargain prices. I may be rambling (or of course, totally wrong) but I believe that Milt once acted as a semi advisor to a fledgling club and approved the name ‘It’s Magic’ ‘cos he knew it would be great merchandise for a future ‘It’s Magic’ show. I certainly hope the story is true, it is such a good one. Rather like the ‘Johnny Thompson forgot to load the doves’ which is of course a deliciously true story.

I long for the day when every major city has a ‘At least once a month, or week) magic show. There really is a market out there and it is something I am looking into very seriously in the upcoming year. ‘Monday Night Magic’ in New York, ‘The Mystery Lounge’ in Boston, Jeff McBride’s ‘Wonderground’ in Las Vegas are just the first to hit the tip of my brain–and that’s just ‘cos I’ve played them all and had a blast doing so!

I refuse to get overexcited about a new kid on the block trying to steal a little thunder from the Castle. With all its years running as an institution (sometimes figuratively, sometimes literally!) in LA, my bet is that the Castle won’t be affected one iota. It might not do any harm for some ‘observant onlookers of a quasi-secret nature’ to keep a close eye on the ‘Hollywood Magic Bar’ is doing. They might get some fresh and innovative ideas–who knows? If they serve a decent ‘Ginger Cosmo’ I might volunteer for the mission myself.                                                                                                       email me what you think at

~ by Nick Lewin on October 11, 2011.

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