Now that’s what I call a honky tonk…………

What is a trip to Texas without a visit to a honky tonk! We visited a really great one in Austin–and as historic as any museum I’ve yet encountered. The honky tonk was ‘The Broken Spoke’ and it sure is a dandy and has been home to many of the greatest musicians in the world of country music. Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys have played on it’s stage…….now that is a real slice of history!

We just missed visiting when Austin legends, ‘Asleep at the Wheel’ where playing there. Damn! We had to make do with eating and drinking at Ray Benson’s ‘Asleep at the Wheel Roadhouse’ in the Austin airport!  Great food, drink and live music in the center of an airport—a dream come true.  Winners of 8 Grammy’s ‘The Wheel’ are the current Kings of Texas Swing. If you aren’t familiar with them—hell, you’ve not lived!

Other Texan great’s who have graced the rickety old stage at the end of deceptively large room at ‘The Spoke’ are Doug Sahm, Willie Nelson——hey, the list goes on forever! The show/dancing kicks of at 9.00pm and before that you can enjoy live music, pool, or their legendary chicken fried steak in the front restaurant/bar area. If you are a fan of Texas music a visit to the ‘Tourist Trap’ memorabilia room is mandatory to admire the dusty and priceless collection of country music relics.

In the main showroom/dancehall there are free dance lessons most every evening to help you brush up on your Texas two step and the latest line dance moves. It is pretty much impossible to sit there and not want to join in the dancing when you have had a couple of  ‘Shiner’ beers or a Bourbon Sweet Tea. I am NO dancer and even I wanted to get out there on the floor! The last time I danced in public was in the aisle at a Tito Puento concert at the old Sands Hotel in Vegas.

An evening to remember——-and item #47 on my list of reasons that being in any other city than Austin (when you have any kind of choice at all) is willfully foolish! I pretty much feel that way about the chance of eating a Salt Lick taco and drinking a Ray’s Route 66 Margarita at the airport. We need to encourage more Roadhouses at airports and life would be a more exciting place!

~ by Nick Lewin on September 9, 2011.

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