The Worlds greatest Bar-B-Cue……………Pure Magic!

Now although the blog normally focuses on Magic and Comedy–the more observant amongst you will have noticed the words ‘…and what have you.’ as an addendum to the description. Today is an, ‘…what have you entry.’

During our post TAOM mini-vacation in Austin, Texas we made the 30 minute drive from Austin to the little town of Driftwood to eat at what many people consider to be the Worlds greatest Bar-B-Cue joint, ‘The Salt Lick.’ Let me say it plain and simple/loud and clear that anyone who doesn’t share this opinion has quite simply not eaten there!

The rustic and quietly elegant setting for the serious job of eating is nestled in 750 acre estate that houses the oak trees that supply the live oak that flavors the meat coked on the gigantic wood pit  bar-b-cue that is at the center of the eating experience. The sauces and rubs that are used to prepare and serve the food are obviously from some hidden an possibly extra-terrestial source. The foods are simple and perfect. The menu consists of beef brisket, sausage, turkey, pork ribs and beef ribs that defy description. No, really they do!!!!! Each meal comes with side orders of beans, German potato salad, bread, pickles and sweet onions. For dessert only the fool hardy would ignore the blueberry cobbler with Bluebell ice cream.

What is truly amazing, is the unbelievable value that is part and parcel of the quality, service and environment that make this the food sensation of all time! 20 bucks buys you an all you can eat plate—and believe me if you love great food this is a bold offer! For the slightly more timid 3 or 4 meat plates cost around 12 dollars, with a senior plate that costs about 8 dollars. Both Ruth AND Chris should take time out from there overpriced steak houses and having observed the quantity and quality of the available food it would be unseemly if they did anything other than hang themselves , until dead, from one of the adjacent oak trees!

You are encouraged to bring your own wine or beer to consume–although a wine tasting annex supplies optional bottles of wine–much of it made from grapes grown on their own property. Only cash is excepted and live acoustic music compliments the dining experience during the evening. Perfection—pure perfection, and I state this not only as a world traveling Bar-B-Cue eater but an ex-resident of Central Coast California, which has more great bar-b-cue joint hidden away than you can shake a stick at!

I know EVERYbody has there favorite bar-b-cue joint and swears it is the best, however I say with an easy confidence and slight swagger that you are ALL wrong. I can only very firmly insist that you all fly out to Austin (America’s greatest little hippy/slacker heaven) drive out to Driftwood  and have the thrill of a lifetime realizing I am right! Good eating y’all!

~ by Nick Lewin on September 7, 2011.

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