Goodbye to a wonderful person……..

It was very sad news that comedian Vic Dunlop had passed on. If you ever had the chance to see Vic performing then you know what a funny, funny man he was. He was famous for his ‘crazy eyed’ routine, with a 2 dollar set of phony eyes, Vic could keep an audience in stitches. Many more people will remember Vic from his any performances on ‘Make Me Laugh.’

I would never claim to have been a close friend of Vic’s, however just knowing him brought you into a a warm glow of fellowship and friendship. He was quite simply a gloriously warm and wonderful human being. The world is a much less enjoyable place to be without the chance of bumping into Vic and picking up on the conversation you were having the last time you met. He will be very much missed.

~ by Nick Lewin on August 15, 2011.

One Response to “Goodbye to a wonderful person……..”

  1. Only once did I have the pleasure of meeting Vic, but I was very impressed with what a great guy he was. Many of us remember Vic from “Make Me Laugh” with his googlely eyes. Some would say, and me included that “Vic was an intregral artist of contemporary prop comedy.” Thank you Vic for all of the laughs. Today I feel very sad indeed.

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