Carl Andrews…….magic man with the mojoapps!

I want to discuss the very talented Carl Andrews.  I have never seen Carl perform but we work in many of the same venues and I have heard many great things about his show, usually from production managers and technicians who are pretty tough to impress.

Actually the first thing you hear about Carl is what a great guy he is, and that isn’t something you hear all that often! Everyone seems to have a nice story about Carl that contributes to his ongoing thoughtful and kind character bio.

It is amazing what you hear about other performers when you work with the same tech-teams and it usually isn’t as overwhelmingly positive as it is with Carl. In fact there are some really great magicians that you hear horror stories about on personal level.

As an iAnything junkie (yup, if you put a silver Apple on the side of anything I will buy it) it took me all of a nano-second to become an avid App collector when the iPhone first appeared on the scene. I currently have 1317 Apps between my iPhone and my iPad. This is where the other side of Carl comes in to play. He is also an elegant and world class App developer.

There are many magic Apps available through the iTunes store, some are amazing and some are really pretty dumb. You pay your two or three bucks and you take your choice/chances. Many great Apps are spoiled by silly glitches and incorrect details that very quickly cause you to delete the App and save a little memory and onscreen real estate presence.

I find it significant that each one of Carl’s magic Apps that I have purchased has stayed on my phone and stuck there like glue since the day I downloaded them. There is a reason; and it is a simple one, they are top notch Apps that have been well thought out, well written and carefully updated. Andrews is obviously a triple threat as a Performer, Thinker and Computer Wiz!

‘No Freakin’ Way’ is my very favorite way to make a fast, quick statement that proves I am a magician. It is a beautifully constructed App that blows away any telephone audience. It is as much fun to perform as it is astounding to watch.

On those rare occasions when I want to give someone a business card, I turn the moment into something rather cool by using Andrews ‘BizCard’. This App is a really great piece of iCandy that looks less like a magic trick than it does ultra new technology. Arthur C. Clarke, the great science fiction author once said, “All future technology that is sufficiently advanced will look like magic.”

I think it is worth making note that I am very, very sparing about how many iTricks I perform to any one individual. The top end of that sliding scale is two! Any more and it becomes painfully obvious how integral the phone and its many hidden talents are involved in causing the magic to ‘happen.’

Other Apps from Carl’s product line I always carry are; ‘Loose Change,’ ‘Magic Draw’ and ‘Any Card.’ I suggest you take a look at Carl’s website

You might also want to take a look at his personal website

~ by Nick Lewin on August 13, 2011.

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