A Visit With The Uncanny One.

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I am very excited to be doing a whistle stop visit to Los Angeles tomorrow to record a DVD interview with Ron Wilson that will accompany the first limited editions of his new book. It is always a pleasure and education to talk with Ron, but this will give me a chance to ask some of the questions I have always wanted to.

Ron’s book is without question one of the finest personal memoir of magic I have read. It cover the entire history of the Magic Castle and the people who made it what it was. It added personalities to names and faces that I was familiar with but didn’t quite understand their place in magic.

I will be filming, courtesy of Greg Wilson and Steve Mitchell, an in depth interview with Ron and attempt to fill in the details about the Uncanny One himself, as well as amplify his stories from the book. I suggested in earnest to Ron that he write this book ,during a lunch we had fairly recently. He was casually mentioning the time when Mike Skinner, Charlie Miller, Tony Slydini and Ron himself were sharing a two bedroom flat in Hollywood! Can you imagine the ideas and interplay between such diverse giants of the magic world. Well now you don’t have to, it will be captured in a book and on DVD.

As I have mentioned repeatedly in my columns in Magic New Zealand I believe Ron to be one of the most commercially minded perfectionists in our business. His first book ‘The Uncanny Scott,’ which I always claim to be one of the only books written on magic that could supply a reader with a money/fame  making act just by the routines it includes. It now changes hand via ebay at $125 and is worth more to anyone who loves and performs good magic.

I am excited and proud to be involved in Ron’s new book, which isn’t about the tricks and the moves but about the pioneers of the last 60 years who have taken magic on the quantum leap into the present day.

~ by Nick Lewin on June 6, 2010.

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  1. Thanks for the wonderful comments Nick. The books are now here and we just need to do some magical editing to the DVD, before offering them on my website very shortly, to the magic world.

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