Richard Webster. Get well soon, my enigmatic and brilliant writing mentor & Friend.

I was very upset to hear today that my good friend from New Zealand, Richard Webster, was taken to hospital with two blood clots in his lungs. I got a call from Alan Watson who seemed to suggest that all was going as well as could be expected. Richard has always been very careful with his health and it came as a shock to hear this on the eve of his American visit.

I feel a very real and personal debt to Richard, who single-handedly talked me back into writing after a thirty four year writers block! On hand was Alan Watson who offered me the chance to write my weekly column in Magic New Zealand. It has opened up a whole new phase of my life. I have a great deal to thank these two gentlemen for.

Just spending time with Richard is an education in itself. Behind his courteous and modest exterior is one of the smartest and most astute men it it has been my privilege to meet. Along with a sense of humor as dry as a good martini. I was very much looking forward to his upcoming visit and getting to spend a little time trying to penetrate his enigmatic approach to the metaphysical aspects of life.

I am what I believe is termed ‘A shut eye’ who believes in the possibility of many things that would cause Randi and Penn to froth at the mouth. I’m not saying that I believe in them, however I certainly give them a very fair chance of being genuine. The fact that  a mass of fraud surrounds these kind of areas doesn’t in anyway affect my thinking. I can’t even begin to tell you how little, the Amazing Randi’s nitwit assumption that if he can duplicate a paranormal act then it can’t be real. More holes in that than a block of Swiss cheese!

The sight of Penn Jillette uncoiling himself from within his Mini Cooper with the license plate ATHIEST or his email address of NOGOD always reminds me with a smile that radical fundamentalists don’t need to be right wing Christians or radical Muslims. Maybe it’s just my quirky sense of humo,r but Tellers email of NOBUNNIES  lets me have a smile in a totally different way!

What I love about Richard Webster is that you can discuss spiritual and metaphysical topics with him for an hour and still have no real evidence of what his inner beliefs are. He has style and grace and I want him to hurry up and reschedule his American trip when he is back at 100%. If not I will have to break my current ban on travel and schedule another visit to New Zealand.

I am sure that Alan Watson will be updating us on Richards condition via Magic New Zealand and his Facebook account.

~ by Nick Lewin on June 5, 2010.

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