Mac King on The Entertainment Files

•August 6, 2020 • Leave a Comment

In 1998, Mac King swung by the studio to record this Interview for the Entertainment Files. As always it was a pleasure to chat with “The King” of comedy magic. Mac has now got the longest-running comedy magic show in Las Vegas.

Bob Anderson on The Entertainment Files

•August 4, 2020 • 2 Comments

Bob Anderson was “The King of the Tuxedoed Impressionists.” He performed the definitive Frank Sinatra impression and was a mainstay of Las Vegas entertainment. We were delighted to welcome this talented and charming performer to be our guest on The Entertainment Files. I recall one of my favorite show biz moments when I watched Bob and Buddy Greco sitting together at a piano singing a song. Anderson was imitating Buddy so impeccably that it was even freaking out Mr. Greco. 

David Cassidy on The Entertainment Files

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David Cassidy was long past his teen idol days when I filmed this interview. He was however in a very successful stage of his career starring in the spectacular EFX musical at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas. He was very charming and a great interview. The next time I saw him was just before he passed on, it was mid-morning in a cigar bar in Fort Lauderdale. I did not recognize him, his heavy drinking days had taken a terrible toll. Very sad, I prefer to remember him in this backstage interview from 1988.

Steve Schirripa On The Entertainment Files

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Back in the early ’90s, everyone in Las Vegas knew who Steve Schirripa was.  He was a larger than life legend to every comedian. He launched a second career as an actor that was meteoric. His roles in The Sopranos and Blue Bloods were just two of his many successes. I got to interview Steve on The Entertainment Files and requested to do the interview with Steve the actor–who was actually a few years away from being really launched. You will notice in the interview that he thought I was slightly crazy! I knew what I was doing though and that he was going to be a big star one day though. I look at it as being one of the few “scoops” I ever achieved on the show.


Fielding West on The Entertainment Files

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Fielding West is a very dear friend and a wonderful comedy magician. I was able to entice Fielding to the studio for this Entertainment Files interview. He is his usual charming self but definitely shows his more serious and thoughtful side.

Melissa Anderson on The Entertainment Files

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Our guest on this episode was the gorgeous and talented Melissa Anderson we were very excited to have her visit with us in Las Vegas and drop by the studio to discuss her amazing career. 



Luna Shimada on The Entertainment Files

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Luna is a wonderful performer and a very good friend. We recorded this interview in 1988, and she performed a very nice Gypsy Thread on the show live. Luna’s father is Haruo Shimada and her mother was Deanna, who were one of the finest magic acts the world has seen. Luna keeps up the tradition very nicely!


Frank Marino on The Entertainment Files

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Frank Marino is a legendary Las Vegas entertainer. When this interview was filmed in 1988 he was the longest running headliner in Vegas history. He was a delightful guest, enjoy the interview!

Jeff “Big Daddy” Wayne on the Entertainment Files.

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Jeff Wayne is quite simply one of my very favorite comedians, he is also the creator of his own highly successful one-man show “Big Daddy’s Barbecue.”. Jeff is topical, relevant, outrageous, and above all really FUNNY! We have been dear friends for many decades now. We recorded this interview when Jeff was on a headline gig in Las Vegas. Talking comedy and movies with Jeff is always a delight and this was no exception.

Check out Jeff for yourself on his YouTube site

Max Maven Interview from The Entertainment Files.

•July 22, 2020 • Leave a Comment

Max Maven is one of the most influential and vital thinkers in the magic world. His contribution as thinker and performer in the field of mentalism is truly immense. I had the great pleasure of interviewing Max on The Entertainment Files when he was in Las Vegas headling at Caesars Magic Empire. I hope you enjoy our conversation.


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