The “Nick Lewin Special Edition” Vanish Issue.

I was delighted, surprised and proud to discover that Paul Romhany and Susan had managed to put together a really great 44 page collectors issue of Vanish Magic Magazine to celebrate my 70th Birthday today. At the heart of of the magazine is a wonderful biographical story by magician, producer and best selling author Diana Zimmerman. I was knocked out!

I want to thank Paul, Diana, Susan and everyone else who made this happen. In addition over 50 magicians wrote great birthday messages and tributes. Paul did an amazing job creating the layout which features photos of me and my show from the last 54 years. You even get to see some of my crazy hair styles over the years. He included several articles and stories I have written in the last decade. It was a true delight to take this trip down my person magical mystery pathway.

If you would like to get this issue as a free download then just CLICK HERE

~ by Nick Lewin on February 14, 2022.

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