Enjoy a Happy, Magical 2020!

As we enter another decade it is a fine time to look back on one’s career and prepare for more adventures to come. I am not a fanatic, but I even got new red and yellow silks for the Color Changing Silks. I may even replace the rubber bands on my folding halves! I think every performer should take the opportunity to re-evaluate his show and re-vitalize it a little. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because a routine works well that it can’t work better. It is easy to forget that we often spend years adding lines/bits to a routine and occasionally we need to start tightening it up! Maybe that 6-minute routine would pack more of a punch if it only ran 5 minutes; how much can you remove from a routine before you make it less effective? Audience attention spans are shrinking every year, and we need to remember it.

2020 makes 50 years that I have been performing magic full time, actually a little longer, but it was 50 years ago I took my
first overseas job and left home for a substantial time to perform. In the next decade, I am looking forward to expanding my role as a lecturer and starting a series of high-intensity Pro-Magic Masterclasses. In spite of being somewhat retired (I decided in 2018 to nix international travel!) I still seem to be doing an awful lot of dates. However, I am enjoying writing and teaching a great deal, and after a half-century, it is nice to be passing on some information to other performers.

Our company Lewin Enterprises is becoming a pretty big deal these days, I am always involved in coming up with the next release and shooting video for it. I will be releasing my totally unique card stab in the early part of the year. It can be performed close up or onstage, and I think it will be very popular; it has a great double punch to it. The trick is called Taking A Stab and if you want to know about its release then make sure you are on our VIP list at http://www.LewinEnterprises.com

I wish all my readers a wonderful New Year and hope your heart and your datebook are both full!

~ by Nick Lewin on December 31, 2019.

2 Responses to “Enjoy a Happy, Magical 2020!”

  1. “No international travel since 1918.” Wow, you’re older than I thought.

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