Aloha to Pete Biro.

It was very sad news to hear yesterday about the passing of Pete Biro. Pete was a funny magician with a fund of knowledge and was one of the real movers and shakers in magic. I first met Pete in London in the 1960’s in the magic studio of Ken Brooke in London’s West End. Biro got serious respect while visiting 145, Wardour Street because he drank English style tea rather than coffee.  Pete was a firm friend of Brooke and they had enormous respect for each other. Ken had purchased a curiously twisted thimble routine from Pete and released it as  “Pete’s Peeper.” I just met Biro the once at Ken Brooke’s Magic Place, however, Pete was the kind of guy you met once and felt you had known for years.

The next times Pete came into my life was in the mid-1970s when I was working at the Magic Cellar in San Francisco. Pete would stop by and we would gossip and talk magic, Pete always had an idea for a gag or joke to add to the show. Biro had a mind like a magnet and a wonderful sense of what material would work for a fellow performer. He was always very generous with his time and knowledge. It was at this time I realized what a very talented person Pete was as a photographer.

I continued to bump into Pete over the years and we always enjoyed a lively conversation and he was one of those friends with whom you could pick up a conversation exactly where you left of a year or so before. Always the mark of a good friend. I have followed Pete’s writings over the years and have always been impressed by his ability to get right to the commercial heart of a routine. I will miss bumping into him at the Friday luncheon at the Castle, and our occasional exchange of notes over the Internet.

Sadly with Pete Biro’s passing, we have lost another of Magic’s real characters. 2018 took a heavy toll on the magic world. I will just sigh a little and wish Aloha to Pete. If there is some form of heaven I hope that Ken, Pete, Harry and Ricky are all there together catching up……..


~ by Nick Lewin on December 28, 2018.

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