A few notes on my current series of blog articles……

I have received many emails about my recent series of blog posts. It was interesting to note that many of the items that I thought were very basic, and indeed pretty much no-brainers, received quite a bit of discussion. My answers are not intended to be definitive responses, but rather launching pads for an existential inner dialogue. Often formulating and articulating the correct questions is just as important as the answers you come up with. The longer that you perform the more you realize that the questions don’t really change while the answers often do. It is rather Zen in its own way.

These next blog posts will be useful to any performer who is attempting to turn performing shows into a money making proposition. The focus of this article is primarily for the after-dinner, corporate or private banquet style performer. There is a seemingly endless list of magicians who consider that they are fully equipped and deserve to accept payment for a show. However, it is the performers who have deeply explored the kinds of topics featured on these checklists that actually deserve to be getting paid for a gig.

As I always like to emphasize, job number one for any performer is improving the show (not just the tricks, but the show itself), and making sure that it is as strong and versatile as it can possibly be. If you become obsessed with your marketing plan at an early point in your career, you are probably putting the cart before the horse because a strong show has a tendency to market itself. Next week we will get on with the remaining blog posts!


~ by Nick Lewin on March 30, 2018.

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