What about a signature trick and a closing trick?

What is a Signature Trick?

It is very easy to define the signature trick in your act; it is the one that audiences talk about after they have seen your show. It is the one that they remember and associate with you; the one that often gets you rebooked. While it may not be an original or unique effect, the way it blends with your personality and performing style will probably convince the audience it is. Developing a signature trick doesn’t happen overnight but don’t sweat it, eventually you will realize that it has happened without you really trying. It is a very organic process.

Obviously there are similarities between a feature trick and a signature trick: in fact over time that strong feature effect might morph into becoming a signature piece. Then you take the time to chose, polish and develop another feature effect. The goal of any commercial performer is to hone his act so that every effect is a feature or signature trick. After achieving this plateau you are truly the master of your art.


What about a Closing Trick?

Your closing effect should be the effect that gets the biggest round of applause in your show. Not necessarily the strongest piece of magic but the one that creates the most concentrated impact. Conventional wisdom says that you should not have any spectator(s) onstage with you at the close of your show, and I find no reason to argue with this guideline. Starting and closing your show alone, in the spotlight and center stage is a pretty damn good idea. I have seen exceptions to this rule but more often I have observed that ignoring it slows down and breaks the focal point during those all-important final moments.

It is also a fairly common notion that your closing trick should not be so strong that the audience is left puzzling over its methodology rather than clapping. I don’t think in any way you need to “dumb down” your finale,

I do think you should be working hard to appeal to mind, eye and heart simultaneously and in equal degrees. The impact of your entire show is often judged by bookers/buyers from that final applause and/or standing ovation, therefore you had better get this detail right if you want more bookings.

~ by Nick Lewin on March 25, 2018.

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