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I have a definite goal for 2018, and that is to re-focus on some of the amazing books that are sitting gathering dust on bookshelves in my magic library.

I have spent numerous hours reading, studying, and learning from these tomes over the years. However, recently I seem to have largely followed the current trend of learning my magic from DVDs–or to be more exact downloads. The process of reading and watching engenders a very different style of learning, and in my opinion, you end up with a quite different effect/move in your repertoire. A video can teach you exactly how someone else performs an effect, but the temptation is to follow the instructor’s visual example very literally. With a book, there seems to be a little more room for inserting your own individuality into the process of learning. While hard to fully explain in words, I believe there is a huge difference in the process of learning from reading and watching, I think it largely has to do with seeing something in your “Mind’s Eye” as apposed to observing it from the fixed camera viewpoint.

Like most other magicians, I am now more than somewhat addicted to the ease of acquiring the latest $10 download. The trouble is that I just seem to watch these various downloads a couple of times, learn how the trick is done, then file them away in a folder on my computer before totally forgetting them. I remember the excitement in years gone by of purchasing the latest Paul Harris or Harry Lorayne book and working through it chapter by chapter and trick by trick. There was an accumulative learning process involved when Lorayne taught you a nifty new move and then took the time to teach you to really put it into application. To be sure, the recent video onslaught has added many wonderful things to our learning curve as magicians, but I want to go back for a year to the non-digital school of learning. I suspect I will amaze quite a few magicians with the “new” tricks that I come up with!

Incidentally, if you are looking for a new book that might introduce you to an entire new magic career— check out my book “Cruise Magic 101: How To Make A Great Living Performing On A Cruise Ship.” This compact little source of information has led many performers into a career making great money and having fun working in the fastest expanding magic market in the world. You even get to learn a REALLY great trick that is truly (no joking here!) worth the price of the book.  

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~ by Nick Lewin on January 9, 2018.

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