Still Linking Finger Rings After All These Years……….

You might enjoy checking out this trailer of my Ultimate Linking Finger Routine. It gives really nice taste of some of the things that make the routine so special.

I am celebrating my 40-year anniversary of linking finger rings together for audiences’, and I thought it would be fun to write a blog post about my history with this great trick. It has been the most powerful secret weapon in my performing repertoire, and my most important trick, for almost my entire career so I want to tell you the evolution of this effect in my show.

The first person I saw perform the Himber Linking Rings was the great Al Koran back in my early years in England. I bought the routine that Koran marketed and instantly discarded it due to the really crude looking props supplied! In 1975 I worked a club date with Marvyn Roy (Mr. Electric) who, with his natural enthusiasm, designed an entire act devoted to linking items together. Always the king of themed magic Marvyn even decided that I was to change my name to ‘Link’ Lewin! The very next day I went to Joe Berg’s magic store on Hollywood Blvd. and placed a down payment on a Himber Ring. My journey had begun.

The biggest problem initially to including the trick in my show was the incredible lack of published routines. I immediately went to my ‘bible’ McComb’s Magic, but for once I was less than excited by Billy’s handling. It seemed totally wrong to link borrowed finger rings in a chain of three and then not really allow the owner of the center ring to examine (Or even see!) his ring. I went back to look at the Koran, and other available routines, and was really none to impressed with what I found. Almost all of them involved making switches just when the heat was on the performer and his hands. I decided I needed to devise a routine from the ground up.

I was working very steadily at the Magic Castle in those days, and it was within it’s walls that I created my ‘Ultimate Linking Finger Ring Routine. I had several goals in mind that I wanted to achieve,

1      I wanted to link more than three rings. With the customary ‘three ring link’ there was just too much heat on the center ring.

2     I wanted to include a ladies ring into the chain amongst the customary men’s rings utilized.

3      I wanted to eliminate the use of switches or stooges. I wanted no set-up for the trick.

4      I wanted to come up with a routine that could play in larger venues than was usual for this particular effect.

5      I wanted it to be funny without loosing the incredible power of the magic involved.

Eventually with much trial and error I achieved all these goals and many more. I was excited when Dai Vernon followed the evolution of the routine closely and I was unbelievably proud when Dai told me that if had to make a living performing magic then he would come to me and offer to buy the routine as the centerpiece of his show. This was heady praise to a kid still in his twenties. One of my favorite performance videos is of me performing the Linking Finger Rings in the Parlor of Mysteries at the Castle with Vernon sitting in the front row and beaming throughout!

The Linking Finger Rings lead to my first booking on a major TV show when in 1980 I performed it (along with my Chinese Linking Ring routine) on the Merv Griffin Show. The show was filmed live at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas in front of a 2000 person audience. That tape became the centerpiece of my video promo-tape and kept me working throughout the remained of the decade. In my live shows that particular effect resulted in numerous repeat bookings and referral bookings. I became very aware of the powerful emotional impact that the effect of linking borrowed finger rings held with a lay audience. It is very close to real magic and holds enough existential mystery that many mentalists have chosen to feature it in their show. It is a really special trick that needs to be performed in order to be fully understood.

Another highlight of my personal history with the Linking Finger Rings was when I was selected to perform that specific effect at The Hollywood Foreign Press’ star studded tribute to Orson Welles at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills. As a huge fan of Mr. Welles it was a huge personal honor. Featured at that tribute were Orson Welles, Peter O’Toole, Roger Corman, Jack Nicholson, Jane Fonda and a host of other Hollywood A-list stars— plus little old me! Why was I there? It was strictly due to the impact of that one specific routine.

During the ‘90s I linked finger rings in Comedy Clubs, Corporate gigs and Casinos across the country. It was my ‘go to’ trick, it required no set up, got huge reactions and fitted in the ticket pocket of my jacket. Eventually after 35 years of performance I decided to release a deluxe, numbered, limited edition package that contained my entire routine exactly as I perform it. The package consists of a DVD, a book, a CD, a half hour Skype session and full TV performance rights—I couldn’t find a way to release it correctly without all these elements. As I enter a semi retired phase of my career as a performer it is a great feeling to know that this routine has been passed on to other performers and will not be lost.

The best way to learn more about this routine is by  CLICKING HERE  No, it isn’t cheap to buy—but I can honestly say it has been a priceless routine to me and the folks I have shared it with. If you are looking to add a reputation making, high impact trick to your show you may want to give it some serious though.


~ by Nick Lewin on June 5, 2017.

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