Close-up Card Magic.


I am a big fan of good old fashioned sleight-of-hand with a genuine deck of cards. Somewhere along the line I decided (quite correctly in retrospect–for me personally) to stop performing close-up shows and focus exclusively on my Stand-Up Comedy Magic. Now as I am very happily entering into a slow speed semi retirement, I am delighted to be able to re-devote a significant portion of my free time to working with a deck of cards again. There is a wonderful purity to creating eye popping magic with just 52 pieces of cardboard.

I was delighted to find, on the Magicana website, this video clip of me performing a close-up card set back in the ’70s. The footage has suffered over the years but it is still a pretty cool 8 minutes of card work! I guess if you can’t put something like this on your blog—there isn’t much fun in having a blog. I watched the clip again to look for any ideas as I am working out a date with Jack Goldfinger to do my first week in the Magic Castle Close-Up Gallery in over 30 years!  Check out the clip…



~ by Nick Lewin on February 27, 2017.

One Response to “Close-up Card Magic.”

  1. I really enjoyed your routine. I do a few similar tricks myself, but done in a completely different light. Really enjoyed your performance style!

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