The Professional Magicians Magic Convention.

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4467This specially designed convention is the first of a kind— designed especially for the full time pro-magician. It is going to be taking place next summer when corporate work is at a minimum and the cruise companies are trying to book primarily long dates at short money. We are not going to be announcing the exact date closer to the event, but also adapting the traditions of so many cruise dates and just giving you a few days notice to plan on joining in the fun. The convention will be held possibly in Miami, Belize, Jamaica, San Jose, Singapore or Barcelona.  When it comes to travel we have another innovative feature, since the performer is not being paid for the event and chooses to attend ALL airline tickets will have to be purchased using the attendees own frequent flyer miles. The hotel will have very expensive room service and be located at a minimum distance of a 80 dollar taxi ride from the airport.


*There will be absolutely NO lectures or contests of ANY kind. Guaranteed*234_Playing Cards Sculpture-2

*Anyone performing a card trick in public will be required to buy a round of drinks for the full convention*

*All functions will take place in the hotel coffee shop. Purchase of one cup of coffee (unlimited re-fills) will be required every four hours. Tipping is allowed but only in the currency of the last location you visited*

*The only magic dealers in attendance will be Staples, Office Max, Home Depot and The Dollar General Store*

*Unsubstantiated rumors and unkind stories about performers not in attendance are encouraged and a prize awarded to the least accurate or most untruthful*

*Nightly cocktail parties will be held in attendee’s rooms and all drinks served from their mini-bar. Liquor consumption however will be restricted to the mini-bottle containing clear alcohol so they may be replaced with water prior to departure from the hotel*


52cards*There will be a special award for the performer who travels with the lightest suitcase*

*There will be a spirited and heated panel discussion on the topic of “Bev Bergeron or Billy McComb–who invented it first?”

*Velcro or Duct Tape, which is the best?”

*Who has the oldest and least recognizable working photo—a featured debate*

*Any geeky young magician, that sneaks in who has posted a “how to” video of a marketed effect on YouTube, will be forced to perform the spike in Styrofoam cup trick at least 3 times — or until he seriously injures himself, which ever comes first. Small additional fee to attend.”*

*The only formal event will be the “Memorial Billy McComb Breakfast” which will take place at approximately 3.00 pm and consist of a scrambled egg and English muffin. (additional fee required.)

*“THE MEGYN KELLY APPRECIATION HOUR” for dedicated Road Warriors*



All attendees must be properly attired in old pants and a tee-shirt from a previous gig. No-one will be admitted who is dressed entirely in black, is wearing a fedora hat or ANY item of jewelry that has a question mark visible anywhere on it.

The registration fee will be due immediately after the winter season, when cash is tight. For full details visit our website




~ by Nick Lewin on July 20, 2016.

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