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Vanish on Facebook

IMG_7252I am very excited about the new Vanish Magic World News forum on Facebook. As many of you know I have been writing for Vanish Magazine since it’s very first issue and have watched it become the most widely read magic publication in the world. We are regularly getting 150,000 to 200,000 downloads per issue! Even Donal Trump would have to admit that those numbers are HUGE. If you don’t already read Vanish you are missing a wonderful magic resource. You can download it at and it is totally free. When my good friend Paul Romhany started the magazine 4 years ago I really would never have believed it could become the huge success that it has. There are great stories, tricks, articles, photos and reviews in every issue. It has been so successful that you can now order print copies of our digital magazine! How many magic magazines have taken that direction, most print magazines are struggling to remain relevant by trying to enter into the digital domain!

We have also had a great addition to Vanish Magazine in the form of Vanish Live—a great zine that was updated on a daily basis Mick Peckby Mick Peck. Mick has now launched a really great Facebook page Vanish Magic World News  that is quickly becoming a fascinating real time forum for magic lovers. I heartily recommend joining the page and becoming part of this new digital community, it is shaping up to be a whole bunch of fun and knowing Mick and Paul I suspect it will remain free of the politics and unpleasantness that can so often spoil this kind of venture. I am having fun uploading some photos that are rather unique and plan to add some very cool video.


Come and join us on Facebook!

~ by Nick Lewin on February 4, 2016.

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