Roy Johnson’s Card in Chewing Gum—my way!

royjohnson3I am a huge fan of the magic and magical thinking of Roy Johnson. Over the years Roy’s spectacular manner of thinking out a routine and planning its development have been a wonderful benefit to me in making my living. One of Roy’s great additions to the professional magician was his Card in Chewing Gum. I recently found this clip from my Las Vegas show “Comedy Magic,” which is my handling of this fabulous piece of magic. I wanted to post it here on my blog and say once again how much Mr Johnson’s thinking has contributed to my repertoire. I can not too strongly recommend that any comedy magician study his books and lecture notes. The man is quite simply a genius!

This routine is featured in Roy’s first book “The Roy Johnson Experience.”





~ by Nick Lewin on November 28, 2015.

One Response to “Roy Johnson’s Card in Chewing Gum—my way!”

  1. Thank you for mentioning and bringing Roy Johnson to the forefront.
    He is another brilliant mind and performer that has been lost to present day technology and a ‘lack of interest’ on the part of many lazy young and at times, old people in the magic world. I first heard of him back in the 70’s from Ken Brooke and the late Ben Martin from Chicago. His books are all great, inexpensive, and grant you much more quality material for the price you would pay for one lousy card trick these days! You will find it fools and entertains all at the same time.
    What more could you ask for?!!
    At this time, I wish Mr. Johnson nothing but good health and many thanks for his contributions to our ART and for the improvement he has made on my magic!

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