AbraCORNdabra…….a great convention!

entertainers_steve-daly-I want to take this opportunity to reminisce about a really wonderful magic convention that I appeared in last month in Des Moines, Iowa. It was the rather niftily titled AbraCORNdabra. This was as smoothly planned and produced as any convention I have ever attended. The most amazing thing was that every single event seemed to start exactly on time. Who could achieve such a magical feat? Lay it squarely at the hands of Steve Daly or as he is affectionately known to audiences around the country “Tiny Bubbles.”

I am writing this column while I am away from my office, and the convention program, poster etc. are not at hand for me to consult. However, I have delayed too long in writing it and if I miss a name or two please forgive me! My memories of the event are ALL fond and I enjoyed each and everyone’s participation in this delightful event. It was a truly special occasion where I met old friends and also made new ones.

First and foremost I have to say that the attention to detail and professionalism shown by Mr. Daly was incredibly impressive. hqdefaultHe should have himself cloned and produce magic conventions worldwide, or at the very least he should film a training video for other folk planning to organize conventions! Starting with the delightful guest entertainer packages that were waiting for each and every one of his performing/lecturing team—this was one heck of a class act!

The hour time limit on lectures and the tightly structured shows kept everything moving at a wonderful tempo, but still leaving plenty of time to mix and mingle with our fellow magicians. The Gala show ran a tad longer than Steve planned (though about an hour less than I expected!) and still left the crowd wanting more. Some of my highlights include working with Murray Sawchuck, Christopher Carter, David Seebach and the legendary Tom Mullica. I don’t think I have ever seen a magic gala hosted as smoothly as Tom achieved it. He was a riot of laughs and managed to speed up the pacing (of an already high tempo show) while delivering his laughs. It was truly a delight for me to finally work with this iconic showman. He is truly a master.

3The lecture series not only included great magic but some slightly surprising and charming events such as Lupe Nielsen’s lecture on magic posters and Lynetta Welch’s lecture on magical fabrics, Another rather lovely touch was Kathryn Flocken – an expert paper silhouette Artist who not only demonstrated – but taught everyone the craft of paper cutting, just as Dai Vernon presented it in his early years, and at the Magic Castle.

Close–up magic was well represented by performers such as Lupe Nielsen, Trixie Bond, Randi Rain and the superb sleight of hand of Suzanne The Magician. Suzanne’s lecture was considered by many of those present to be a convention highlight; sadly I had to miss it due to a conflicting rehearsal. I will look forward to catching Suzanne’s act again at the Magic Castle where she pulverizes the sophisticated audiences whenever they are lucky enough to steal her from her hometown commitments. If this sounds like a lot of magic in two and a half days —it was! Sadly I am only getting down some of the highlights, as the magic, learning and fun went on at a mighty pace throughout the event.

I noticed that Steve has the dates set for the next five years of AbraCORNdabra Conventions and I think he is right to do so. This is one tightly compressed event that could well be a major fixture on the “To Do” list of magicians across the country. It was absolutely my pleasure to perform and lecture at such an illustrious event! Congratulations to all concerned for a job well done. I now look forward to my next magic convention, when I will be performing and lecturing at the TAOM Convention in my hometown of Austin.

Look out for my new Ultimate Gypsy Yarn Routine, which is about to go on pre-sale. This handling teaches you how to turn a small piece of magic into a feature trick that fits flat in your top pocket! This is the trick that made me want to become a magician. You can check out my online magic store at www.lewinenterprises.com To get on the Gypsy Yarn pre-sale list contact us at lewinenterprises@gmail.com

~ by Nick Lewin on June 12, 2015.

2 Responses to “AbraCORNdabra…….a great convention!”

  1. Nick! What a pleasant surprise to see your blog! WOW! Thank you so much for the very kind words… AbraCORNdabra is truly a “Labor of Love” for my home state of Iowa and the Midwest… It would not be a good – no, GREAT convention without steller acts such as yourself. THANK YOU FOR COMING!!!
    May 20 – 22, 2016 in Des Moines, Iowa at the Airport Holiday Inn is the next AbraCORNdabra convention. Sometime in July, the Registration Line will open. I keep this convention to a LIMIT of only 200 magicians, to allow all a chance to have plenty of time to visit and be with their favorite magical stars such as yourself.

    2016 is gonna be EPIC with a LOT of exciting new concepts, lectures, shows, and events! I wont let these unique ideas out of the bag just yet, but I WILL say, folks will be talking about it!

    As a side note, AbraCORNdabra is also a “Ground breaking” convention of sorts, as we are the ONLY Magic Convention in the WORLD that offers “The MAGIMASTERS Seniors Magic Tournament” – A Magic contest for Magicians aged 50 or older ONLY! The Winner receives the coveted MAGIMASTERS Jacket, Hat, and Trophy (All who participate get a Medallion) – Cost to enter? FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Just be registered for the convention!)

    Another unique thing about AbraCORNdabra Magic Convention is “The KERNELS Young Magician’s Showcase Show” – this always-amazing show features our younger magical attendees aged 21 or younger only! NOT A CONTEST, rather a SHOWCASE show. And the COOL part is…. Those who present a 5-min act in this show – get FREE REGISTRATION!!!!!!!!

    How cool is that? They are basically being PAID for their 5-min act more than $125! Open to ANY AND ALL who would like to be on the show (Inside secret, I NEVER turn away ANY 21 or younger magician who would like to come and perform! AND, they ALL get FREE REGISTRATION!) Shhhhhhhhhhhh LOL

    I invite all to check out http://www.AbraCORNdabra.com come this July to take advantage of the “Early Bird Registration Offer” and see SOME of the exciting things we have planned for our very special guest attendees…

    It’s gonna be AMAZING!

    The Midwest’s PREMIERE Magic Convention!

  2. Glad you are sharing some info here! I strongly recommend anyone who can to attend!

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