A visit to the World Famous Austin Magic Auction

11041799_10205984081786344_8729863762883244809_nFebruary 28th was the date of the occasion of the most recent Austin Magic Auction. It was a cold and even somewhat icy day by Texas standards, not that the East Coast of the USA would have thought so. Folks might even have been breaking out the spring clothing. It was a wonderful day for magic buffs attending the event. Susan and I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to catch up with old friends and make new ones

For over three decades our local magicians have been perfecting this event and have got it running as smoothly as a freshly tuned BMW. The Society of American Magicians Assembly #206 sponsor and produce the event, which is executed by a friendly and incredibly efficient team of volunteer staff and auctioneers. The charming Trixie Bond was here, there and everywhere in her position of Auction Chair, directing the action and putting out any potential bonfires before they began to smolder.

For a $10 admission fee attendees are given a chance to bid on an amazing collection of magic props and a gigantic selection of IMG_1012silent auction items. From posters and rare books to comedy props and illusions everything was available. It was a magician’s dream to wander amongst the items and look for a special bargain on that prop that you just had to add to your collection.

An auction is only as effective as its auctioneers and there was a fine team in attendance on Saturday who were entertaining the crowd and doing their bit to keep those items moving quickly from their old owners into their new homes. This year the auctioneers were C.J. Johnson, Scott Wells, Grant Walsh, Kent Cummins, Jim Gentil, Oscar Munoz, Brad Henderson and Matt Dillahunty. Veteran stalwart of the event David Hira was unable to attend this year and his absence was duly noted and his boundless energy missed.

As well as a healthy quantity of Genii Tubes, Botanias and Sliding Die Boxes there were some nifty oddities available. A tin of Pea Soup, personally signed by Linda Blair (of Exorcist fame) was snapped up by for a $200 donation to the Heroes Night Out charity. It was the perfect unique and quirky memorabilia item for the man who has everything but recognizes a great charity when he sees it!

IMG_1008A small percentage of profits from each item (starting at a 12% rate) went towards the funds needed to mount this year’s TAOM Magic Convention that will be held in Austin from September 4th-7th. The convention has a wonderful line-up this year and promises to be a highlight on the magic circuit. The sub-heading of the convention is “Magic, Music, Weirdness & Women” which certainly has the Austin spirit way in view! A very special evening at the incomparable Esther’s Follies starring Ray Anderson is just one of the many treats being offered

I am excited to be participating myself at TAOM this year with a special show and a lecture. I have a special fondness for the TAOM convention, as it was an appearance at one in San Antonio that began my deliriously happy migration to the Lone Star State. I recommend you visit their website and check out all the wonderful events they have planned by clicking on http://taom.org/2015/ If you are looking for an unusual and uniquely friendly magic convention to attend this fall—add this one to your calendar.

Given the boundless energy of these Texan magicians I suspect they already have a little part of their attention looking beyond the10404279_10205984081986349_1023719443925098640_n convention, and are planning ways to keep the standard of the 35th World Famous Magic Auction as high as this last one. You can keep track of the dates and details on their website http://austinmagicauction.com It is almost a mini magic convention all on its own. You can hear more about it on Scott Wells’ excellent Magic Word Podcast at http://themagicwordpodcast.com/scottwellsmagic/austin-magic-auction

Well, I am off on the road for a few weeks and will be in Chicago, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Tokyo and Los Angeles! With luck and a good broadband connection I will be sending out a couple of blog entries along the route. I must say that being a professional magician can certainly help you see the world! If you are crazy enough to want to participate in this kind of schedule check out my book “Cruise Magic 101, How to make a great living working on cruise ships.”

A gratifying number of people who have read my book are now enjoying careers as shipboard entertainers and making good salaries. The book is available through my online store!

Cruise Magic Ad.

Cruise Magic


Cruise Magic Ad.

~ by Nick Lewin on March 6, 2015.

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