Three Great Magic Podcasts to download.

AcornWorkflow-2014.11.25 21.49.02I am constantly amazed at some of the amazing free resources available for magicians these days on the Internet. There are websites, e-zines, magazines, forums and podcasts all available to each and every magician. I certainly wish they had been around when I was starting out in magic!

I have been a fan of the idea of podcasts since they first arrived on the scene. We are now, so I am told. In the great second age of podcasting and I am pleased to hear it. The opportunity to listen to performers discuss their art is a tremendous benefit to the community.

I was recently featured on a couple of relatively new podcasts and was delighted at how well both of them were being handled. I would like to take this opportunity to share the details of them with you and I sincerely hope you will check them out. I think you will like them a great deal.

The first podcast I want to tell you about is Kris Sheppard’s Successful Performer Cast, it is a one-hour weekly interview with various members of the magic community. Kris is a very skillful interviewer and he does a great job of talking his guests into revealing quite amazingly useful information to benefit his listeners,

Kris has featured some very interesting guest on his podcast and I strongly recommend you visit his website to learn more detailsNick-13 You can also subscribe to his Podcasts via iTunes.

The second Podcast I would like to recommend is brand new and also shaping up to become an excellent resource. It is called What’s Your Passion and is produced/hosted by Samuel Lewis. You can access the website at and also subscribe via iTunes. I think you will like Sam’s style as he follows his passion by sharing information over the Internet.

Magic New Zealand also gives you weekly updates from Scott Welles about the content of his latest podcast in his The Magic Word Podcast. At 200 episodes Scott is a real veteran of this trio and his superb podcast is also highly recommended. You can subscribe via iTunes and also find details at

We are lucky to have so many people working this hard to supply us with the invaluable information and entertainment that their podcasts supply. A great deal of dedication and work goes into the production of broadcasts of this quality so make sure you support them!


~ by Nick Lewin on December 4, 2014.

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