Return of a great prop, in an improved form!

A special note from Nick to mentalists and magicians.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 4.46.33 PMFor nearly ten years I performed a short, fast and enormously effective mental effect in my nightclub show. It never failed to get a huge reaction and all the props fitted in my shirt pocket! It was achieved by using the excellent nail writer that was manufactured by Johnson Products. Sadly the gimmick was discontinued and reluctantly I discarded the routine when I couldn’t find another Swami Gimmick that met my standards.

I have recently commissioned the production of a Swami Gimmick that exceeds the standards of the one I previously employed. Unlike other writers (including the Johnson model) it is constructed of metal instead of brass or copper, this means that the gimmick can now be attached to a magnet. This makes a huge difference in the manner in which it can be used, in particular the vital topic of how the gimmick can be disposed of after its use in the show. It cuts down significantly in the amount of writers that will be lost during performances!

If you are a pro mentalist or magician who has used this prop before I believe this release is something very special. There are numerous published routines that can be added to your repertoire now that a really high quality nail writer is once again available. If you have never used a Swami Gimmick before then you are in for a treat when you explore the possibilities they open up.

This initial release consists of two Swami Gimmicks in a travel container, spare lead and magnetic strip. Add a pencil and a couple of index cards and you are ready to blow an audience’s mind! I have a few other surprises and routines in store but I am offering this package at the introduction price of $30 including postage within the Con USA and $40 worldwide. It is a great price for a wonderful prop!

For the special price contact us at 


~ by Nick Lewin on November 4, 2014.

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