A Couple of Gems of Practical Magic.


I have recently begun to review some of the newest magical releases in the various magic journals I write for. Nowadays brick and mortar magic stores are beginning to feature heavily on the endangered species list. The business of choosing how to transform your hard earned cash into commercial magic via the Internet certainly has it’s own traps and pitfalls. I hope I can help with some unbiased and practical input on the matter.

I am trying to concentrate on sharing commercial and “show ready” routines, and will be focusing on comedy magic and mentalism tricks/routines because this is my area of interest and expertise. Most, but not all, of the items I review are effects that I have actually purchased—because that can give you a different perspective on them. I am certainly delighted to write about items that I have been sent at random, however my goal will be to continue to primarily concentrate on the commercial appeal of a release.

There is a trend recently by “professional reviewers” to be rather scathing about the “one trick DVD” and bemoan the fact that the publisher expects $35 dollars and only teaches a specific effect. I couldn’t agree less with this viewpoint. A DVD that really allows you to learn a worthwhile routine and then add it to your repertoire is a wonderful thing and in my opinion beats out most releases that are packed with tricks (or more accurately ideas) that are only partially thought out. In this world you have to pay for polish and focus and to my mind $35 bucks is a ridiculously small price to pay for someone’s knowledge and experience.

In my opinion a perfect example of a strong release is “Joe Monti’s Original Thumb Tie” DVD, you can find full details at www.thumbtie.com If you image3buy this item you are purchasing twenty plus years of experience that will allow you to perform an extremely effective routine that has been polished and perfected in the furnace of live performance. If you want to add an effective thumb tie routine then look no further you will not be disappointed.

There is no wasted philosophizing or padding in this release, your $35 buys you some zip strips and a short video that does an excellent job of teaching you Joe’s routine step by step. If you want to add a classic trick to your show that blends strong comedy with powerful magic, then this could be one of the best purchases you can make. Always important to me, every prop involved in this trick fits in your back pocket and yet the action involved will fill a living room or big theatre with equal ease.

Another item that Monti is currently marketing is his “Three Card Joe,” an effect more commonly known as Chase The Ace— or details go to www.3cardjoe.com Joe’s routine is smooth, smart and thoroughly streamlined for effective performance to contemporary audiences. Like Joe’s thumb tie routine part of the appeal in his handling is that he has cut out every unnecessary element that gets in the way of the intrinsic impact of the effect. Just follow his deceptively casual instructional DVD, spend a few hours in front of the mirror and you have a classic effect that will stand you in good stead for years to come.

I have performed different variations of Chase The Ace ever since Ken Brooke taught me my first one in the mid 60’s. This one is the most direct and effective I have found, no extra moves or wasted time, just a well thought out routine that gets right to the point—maybe I should say cuts to the chase! You also get beautifully made cards that have been designed and manufactured to the highest standards.

After 45 years of professional shows, I still get a kick when I discover truly definitive routines and I am grateful to Joe for sharing his working material in this manner. Both items are highly recommended to discriminating magicians. You can contact Joe at joemonti@joemonti.com



~ by Nick Lewin on October 5, 2014.

2 Responses to “A Couple of Gems of Practical Magic.”

  1. Brilliant tricks= neilmcintyre571@yahoo.com.au…..I`m in Australia and I don’t use credit cards or Pay Pal, how can I buy a couple of your tricks ?

  2. Hi Neil, Well you could send an International money order or transfer payment to the bank I guess!

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