Nick and The Equalizer……

equalizer_ver3I was really excited to receive a name check and reference to my Linking Finger Rings in the new book by Michael Sloan, “The Equalizer.”Michael created the character in the iconic TV series and his novel was just published to tie in with the release of the new motion picture starring Denzel Washington. It was a very great honor! Thank you Michael………The picture in this post is of me and Michael and Michaels beautiful wife Melissa Anderson.  You can download the book on iTunes or buy it at your favorite bookstore. It is a GREAT read.

“She looked at the Washington Square Arch, silhouetted against the night sky. Somehow she always found it comforting. Her gateway to her new life. There were two statues of George Washington in alcoves, one as a soldier, the other as America’s first president. She thought of a British comedy magician she’d once seen with her mother in a nightclub in Moscow. She remembered his name was Nick Lewin and he’d been very funny. He’d said of George Washington: “A British soldier, went AWOL, did very well for himself.” Her mother had had to explain to her that AWOL meant “Absent Without Leave,” and then had patiently explained what “Absent Without Leave” meant, as if she was still a child of eight. But that was all right. It was her mother’s gentle way. Natalya remembered the magician had taken a ring of hers, the one her mother had given her with the crest of a dragon on it, and he had linked her ring with one of his own. Amazing!”

Excerpt From: Sloan, Michael. “The Equalizer.” Thomas Dunne Books. iBooks.




~ by Nick Lewin on August 27, 2014.

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