Magic, Magazines, Tricks, Routines and More! (or why I’m exhausted…)

IMG_2993 - Version 2I want to take this opportunity to bring you up to date with some of the exciting things that have been happening in my non-performing life as a magician. After over 45 years as a full time performer I am really enjoying sharing some of the things I have learned and I have been keeping very busy recently.

Every week I still write a column for Alan Watson’s great magic ezine “Magic New Zealand.” I was trying to figure it out and I believe I am now well into my sixth year of contributing to this great little newsletter. You can access it at

As many of you know I have also been writing for Paul Romhany’s wonderful digital magic journal “Vanish Magazine” since its very first issue. It is a really great magic resource and damn the price is right, it is free! I get a chance to write some extended articles and biographies. I recently wrote cover stories on Mark Wilson, Daryl Bill Abbott and have another cover story I am very happy about in the issue published next month. If you haven’t discovered “Vanish” yet, then you should go to and download an issue or two! I am extremely proud to be a part of the fabulous team of contributors that Paul has lined up for his magazine.

I have also been spending quite a bit of time and energy on my online magic company and I am very pleased with the product line we have developed. I have a wonderful team working with me on this particular enterprise. My wife Susan runs all the business side of things and is the best postage/packing person in the biz! My props are hand crafted by Master manufacturer and builder Rolando Medina, our graphics and design are handled by the amazingly gifted Steve Mitchell. What a team—I am proud to work with them.

Lewin Enterprises has a really nice line of magic books, DVDs, props and routines for the discerning magician. We are totally focused and IMG_7252concentrating upon releasing top quality professional items. We have been delighted at the enthusiasm and loyalty that our clients have shown. It is our goal to create a small and high quality magic business and I am modeling it on the wonderful business that my first mentor Ken Brooke presented to the magic community. I am determined that if we can’t do something right then we won’t do it. I am rather amazed and astounded how quickly our business has taken off in the two years we have been developing it.

We recently released two new items that are selling like the proverbial “hotcakes,” they are “Nick Lewin’s Ultimate Cards Across” and “Nick Lewin’s Lemon Aid.” These are really commercial routines that will be of great interest to any performing magician, and both have been featured in my act for many years. In fact, “Lemon Aid” is the heart and soul of my professional work. My “Cards Across” is quite simply the cleanest and most visible version of this classic effect you will ever find.

photoMy “Lemon Aid” is a beautifully constructed routine that takes a classic piece of magic and turns it inside out, adding non-stop laughs and BIG surprises. This effect is extremely dynamic and highly visible, comes with a 20-minute performance video that contains over 30 years worth of jokes and laughs that are worth gold to any performing magician. I am extremely proud of the details that have been incorporated into this release and can recommend it from the heart.

just added three new “Trickformational” videos to my website that you can see at so if you have a chance to visit the site—check them out! The website also includes some really cool magic videos and interviews. While you are on the site why not sign up for our newsletter that gives information on upcoming releases. Special offers can also be found on our “Lewin Enterprises” page on Facebook. We are currently offering a Summer Special on my book “Cruise Magic 101.”

If you are interested in reading some of my backlog of writing on magic then you may want to head over to my blog which has plenty of great articles and magic photos. I enjoy my blog a great deal and it features many informative entries about the construction, honing and performance of a commercial magic show.

Well that brings you up to date on what I have been doing and why I am somewhat exhausted! I am also going to be lecturing and performing Master Classes at several events in the upcoming months, so if you see me around please do come up and chat!


~ by Nick Lewin on July 25, 2014.

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