A Great Tribute to Goldfinger and Dove in Las Vegas.

IMG_3337December the 8th saw the Las Vegas, Fantasma I.B.M. Ring 257 pay tribute to Goldfinger and Dove as their Magicians of the Year. It was a wonderful event held at the Texas Station Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The event was produced by Roger Dreyer who along with a host of other folk turned the night into a party that will long be remembered by all present. Our very own John McClenahan, President of Ring 257 helped channel all the local elements into the smooth machine we all experienced. Bill Evans the I.B.M. International President was also in attendance for the event.

The evening began with close-up magic by Gary Norsigian and Adam Flowers who entertained the attendees with their superb sleight of hand skills. There followed a buffet dinner that far exceeded the expectations of most of us who attend these kind of functions on a regular basis! It was not only delicious, but allowed those of us present to table hop and mingle with the many magicians from Las Vegas and Hollywood who were there to honor our friends Jack and Dove.

Susan and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to gossip and catch up with old friends such as Max Maven, Irene and Erika Larsen, Lance Burton, Norm IMG_00000483Nielsen, Stan and Rhonda Allen, Luna and Deanne Shimada, Jeff McBride, Coral Reveen, Ariann Black, Joaquin Ayala, Karla Kwist, Jason Andrews, Adam London, Iam Creed, Mac King and Jennifer Sils, Greg Gleason, Dale Hindman, Hiram Strait, Sara Ballentine, Cathy Daniels, Paul Stone, Fielding West, Aye Jaye, Nancy Keener, Pam and John Thompson, Gary Darwin, Rory Johnson and a host of others! Graciously hosting the event were Jack and Dove themselves who took the time to talk and spend time with each and every guest.  It would probably be difficult to find a more popular couple in the magic world and we all enjoyed the chance of spending some time with them.

The Gala show was hosted by the always hysterical Fielding West and featured strong contributions from Victor IMG_00000481and Diamond, Chris Randall, Max Maven, Hiroki Hara, Rory Johnson and a very funny vignette by Stan Allen. Throw in a suitable wacky video tribute by the Amazing Johnathan— who was kinda’ there in person but not in good health, and you have a really fun show. There was even a featured a video presentation by Goldfinger presenting his unique torn and restored newspaper which gave more than a hint of what makes him such an influential performer in the magic world.

Roger Dreyer, founder of Fantasma Magic, hosted a great late-night after party in his suite that allowed everyone to further mix, mingle and gossip until the wee hours. I know I must have missed some names in this brief run down of the event, but please forgive me as I was strictly there in my capacity as guest and fan of the great Goldfinger and Dove. It was a great evening and I offer thanks to all involved for making it such a success!

~ by Nick Lewin on December 13, 2013.

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