Clubs, Hugs, Ducks and Plugs!

Nick-16r-3 - Version 2I want to cover a few topics in this week’s column and will begin by extending a really big congratulation to one of my favorite young comedy magicians in Las Vegas—Adam London.  Adam has recently celebrated the 250th performance of his Las Vegas show ‘Adam London at the D.’ This is a really big milestone and I am delighted for his continuing success.

If you are not familiar with Adam then I am convinced you will know all about him before too much more time passes. He is a wonderfully engaging comedy magician with a delightfully warm style that is perfectly complimented by his ever so slightly abrasive manner. I first met Adam when he was the manager at Mac King’s show in Las Vegas. He was a huge asset to the show and a great loss when he left.

Harrah’s loss, however, was ‘The D’s’ gain and Las Vegas landed one of its freshest and funniest new afternoon shows. Having single handedly created the genre of one-man afternoon shows in Las Vegas nearly 20 years ago, I have always kept a close eye on the market. When I first saw London’s show I was convinced it ‘had legs’ and it does, and its success couldn’t be happen to a nicer chap.

If you have a chance to catch Adam during a visit to Las Vegas don’t miss it! The show highlights London’s great likeability and strong comedic sensibilities. It is rumored that he honed and perfected his comedy skills by telling ‘Knock, Knock…’ jokes during his time as a Mormon missionary. Congratulations my friend, here’s to another 250 shows.

I am planning to visit with Adam and re-catch his show very soon, in fact I want to combine it with a IMG_3239long overdue visit to see Mike Hammer’s show at the ‘Four Queens.’ Mike is another very funny young man who has kept his one-man show running and doing great business for even more shows than London. I will look forward to writing a review of it for Magic New Zealand, as I have heard many great things about it from a wide variety of folk.

I have been excited and delighted by the incredible compliments and reviews that my book ‘Cruise Magic 101’ has received in the year since it was published. We have shipped copies to 13 different countries and I am very pleased that it has been of such interest to so many performers.

I was extremely flattered to read the following on Michael Finney’s Facebook page:

I am having more fun than I thought I was going to, being on the ship this long, (now 8 1/2 months) of the last 11, I have had a couple dozen entertainers ask me how I got this gig, and how they can go about getting ship jobs. First get a copy of Nick Lewin’s book on working the ships. It’s a great price for years of ship work information. Although I had worked a few ships prior to its release about two years or so ago, I bought it and must give it credit for the helpful advice business and personal.

 Long time readers of this column will be aware of how much I respect Michael and his work. He is an ultimate pro and his kind words mean a huge amount to me.

paulchaplinI have also been delighted at how many people have bought the book who have NO interest in performing on a cruise ship. It is crammed full of pointers and tips that are very relevant in any performing venue. It even includes a great trick, which modesty forebears I mention, is worth the twenty bucks the book costs. Kudos to Steve Mitchell for insisting I put it in! I still have a limited supply of copies available via the online store on my website if you would like an autographed copy.  I have several new items becoming available in upcoming months—why not check them out.

Finally, I want to let you know that I will be lecturing and performing at the upcoming ‘3 of Clubs’ Convention in Vancouver on the 8th-10th of November. There is a star-studded group of magicians in attendance, including Shoot Agawa and Daryl. I am very excited to be part of the event. Check out the details on their website, it looks like being a really great convention.

I am particularly looking forward to experiencing Paul Romhany’s ‘Murder By Magic’ show! Paul has one of the most fertile minds in magic and as a huge murder mystery buff this event should be a real blast. I’m just reminding him gently, but Paul also promised to bake me a Kiwi/Canadian style meat pie—I’m just mentioning it!

~ by Nick Lewin on November 7, 2013.

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