The California Magic Dinner Theatre and More……..

Front at Night 2Before I begin this weeks column I would like to thank my readers who took the time to communicate with me about last week’s article about ‘Focusing on Focus.’ I had a great deal of interest in this topic and really appreciate your emails.

My old friend Tim Glander sent me a note that included the following quote on the topic, Don Alan always taught me: “Edit, edit, edit! Stop trying to get 10 minutes out of that cup (s) and ball! Ya’ know Tim, I see these guys flogging that damn trick to death! After 2 minutes, you’ve lost them”  (incidentally, Don’s chop cup routine was 99 seconds, 300 words, 11 laughs with 5 effects. Can’t get better than that!) I wanted to include that quote in this week’s column, as I really loved it.

I am very excited to be doing a mini-tour of Northern California this week starting with a corporate date in Sacramento on Thursday.  After performing in Sacramento, Susan and I head off to Martinez where I am appearing at ‘The California Magic Theatre on Friday and Saturday night. I have heard many great things about the Magic Dinner Theatre and I am looking forward to being a part of the event. The ‘CMDT’ is the brainchild of Gerry Griffin and has become a very successful fixture in the magic world in California. With over 800 performances under their belt Gerry seems to have got the format right!

There may not be a Magic Castle in every State in America, in fact most markets couldn’t begin to support one, but there are some beautifully organized events that allow local (and visiting) magicians a chance of stage time to perfect their craft. I am thinking of committed groups such as New York’s ‘Monday Night Magic,’ Boston’s ‘Mystery Lounge’ and ‘WonderGround’ here in Las Vegas. I believe that these ‘co-operate’ groups are a wonderful resource for magical performers and should be carefully studied and hopefully emulated.

At the California Magic Dinner Theatre the evening begins at 7.30, and by 10.30 the audience are leaving having experienced close-up magic, a three-person stage show and some delightful fine dining. It sounds like nicely run and highly enjoyable venue. If you are in the bay area stop on by, catch the show and say “Hi” to me. You can obtain tickets over the Internet at Check out their website it will give you a nice taste of Gerry’s Magic Theatre and Magic Shop.

I am trying to explore more of these magic venues that have begun to flourish in the American landscape. I think the weekly and monthly magic events that Jay alexanderare building up strong customer loyalty are a very interesting development on the scene. I plan to feature more columns highlighting them and a little bit about what makes them each tick.

On Sunday we are attending a Bar-B-Cue thrown by Jay Alexander, who is one of the most commercial and hardest working pros in the San Francisco area. I have been a fan of Jay’s style and substance for quite a while and am looking forward to interviewing him for a future article.

Jay is one of those performers who works really nice dates and has a very full datebook. It is always nice to be able to write a story about a performer who is getting it right. There is plenty of work out there and people like Jay are doing a great of finding it, booking up dates and delivering the goods.

I am even fitting in a special tour at the Apple HQ/Campus in Cupertino while we are in the Bay area. To an Apple freak like me that is a very exciting prospect. I’m guessing there won’t be any iPhone 5s samples going though!


~ by Nick Lewin on September 19, 2013.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun. May I come along on a gigcation?

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