Looking back at the PCAM Convention

IMG_6571I am writing this column in my exit row seat on a Delta jet heading to New York. I have quite a flurry of things going through my mind from the recent PCAM Convention in Burbank, it was a great event and I enjoyed it immensely.

The first thing I have to mention is how happy I was with the amount of magic we sold during the first official outing of  ‘Lewin Enterprises,’ our new product line. We sold an incredible amount of my new ‘Slow Motion Newspaper Tear’ DVDs. In fact every time I demonstrated the effect we sold one. I have been getting some raves from purchasers now that they are home and able to see how clearly the preparation and presentation are detailed. If you to you are interested in adding this effect to your show I absolutely recommend spending the 35 bucks and picking up my DVD.

The torn and restored newspaper is a classic effect in magic for very good reasons; it has a great plot, is totally visual and can be used as an opening, closing or any where in the middle effect. I have closed my show with this variation of the Elmsley tear for nearly 35 years and it holds a very special place in my heart. One of the greatest compliments was when Mr. Elmsley himself told me it was the best version of the routine he had ever seen. Yikes!

During the PCAM I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet up with all my Los Angeles buddies at the convention. Thursday night was the Tribute to the Larsen IMG_6579Family and as always it was a delight to catch up with the various members of this unique dynasty. I am firmly of the opinion that any chance you get to spend time with the Larsens it is probably going to be fun.

The lecturers all did a superb job and I heard nothing but raves from the attendees about their contribution. It was a very eclectic group of lecturers and if you attended even half the scheduled events then it had to raise your magic IQ by quite a few notches. From the card subtleties of Howard Hamburg to the mental marvels of Max Maven there was much to learn. I particularly enjoyed the enthusiasm of a youthful attendee who was discovering the true strength of the Professor’s Nightmare as taught by Paul Green.

I even made a new friend at the convention—and his name was Boris! He is the digital creation of Australia’s Ian Pidgeon and stars in one of the funniest pieces of iPhone magic I have ever seen. The routine (find it on iTunes etc. as Magic Spider) is one of the cutest pieces of interactive magic you are ever likely to see.  Sufficient to say that it now occupies scarce and treasured real estate on my iPhone and in pocket. Only perform the trick though if it doesn’t worry you to hear grown people scream and shriek!

I also picked up the DVD of ‘Desperate Acts of Magic,’ which looks like being a great indie magic film and I can’t wait to view it. I will be writing a full review of it in a future edition of MNZ, it has been getting some great reviews in the trades and papers here in the United States and I suspect it will be required viewing for magical movie buffs. This has been quite a year for magic based movie releases.

Well, sometime between starting to write this column, and reaching this point, I seem to have made it to New York and into my hotel! My upcoming booking has me arriving back in Las Vegas on the final day of ‘Magic Live,’ as tired as I will be, nothing will keep me from stopping by and saying ‘Hi’ to all my friends there. If you are attending the event and you see me standing somewhere in a dazed condition—come up and say hullo. In fact I may even introduce you to Boris….


~ by Nick Lewin on August 8, 2013.

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