Jeff ‘Big Daddy’ Wayne–Rocking the Laugh Factory in Las Vegas with Rich Hall.

Laugh Factory

Another Laugh Fest in the world famous Laugh Factory at the Tropicana Hotel here in Las Vegas from June 17th-23rd. 

Jeff-WayneWhat is better than a comedian who makes you laugh? How about three of them in a club that is designed to make it’s performers sparkle like jewels! This week The Laugh Factory at the Tropicana has hit the jackpot and for seven days you can enjoy three superb comedians for a ridiculously  reasonable entrance fee. Life is good! Headlining the bill is one of Saturday Night Live’s wryest alumni Rich Hall. Not only did Rich win the hearts and minds of American audiences but created something new under the sun–a ‘sniglet.’ Remember ‘sniglets’–any word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary but should. Rich had 5 ‘sniglet’ books published between 1984-9. Hall now spends much of his time living in England where he has a highly successful media career and retains high visibility in the comedy world.

Opening the bill at the ‘Laugh Factory’ is comedian Harris Peet who has entertained audiences across America with his own special brand of humor. Peet is also a master of vocal talents and has been featured on numerous TV and cartoons, including cult favorite ‘The Ren & Stimpy Show.’

When you make a living as a comedian/magician you inevitably get asked two questions, “Who is your favorite comedian?” and “Who is your favorite magician?’ I want to respond to the first of these questions, because the man who makes me laugh more than any other comedian is playing at the ‘Laugh Factory’ next week, and his name is Jeff Wayne, or as he is fondly known ‘Big Daddy.’ Wayne has recently been touring extensively with his critically successful one-man theatrical show ‘Big Daddy’s Barbeque’ and is taking time out from his theatre shows to return to his stand-up comedy roots as the feature act in the upcoming bill at the ‘Laugh Factory.’

Jeff is a veteran comic who has been seen on ABC, NBC, HBO, A&E, FOX and just about every other grouping of letters that comprise the TV arm of the Jeff Wayne at the Laugh Factory.entertainment industry. In fact it was on HBO’s classic charity event ‘Comic Relief’ that Robin Williams and Billy Crystal first dubbed him as ‘Big Daddy.’ Even they might have been amazed that after ‘Big Daddy’ fueled up the propane in his backyard barbeque, an NBC television pilot and standing room houses in theatres across the United States would follow and a  theatrical release movie of the show is now in the works. I suggest you visit his website to watch some clips of this unique show which the ‘LA Times’ called, ‘Ferociously funny,’ and showbiz bible ‘Variety,’ described as, ‘A one-man riot!’

At the ‘Laugh Factory’ it will be the the pure distilled stand-up comedy of Jeff Wayne that will be entertaining the crowds in a full-throttled assault. Billed as ‘A troubled man for troubled times’ Wayne’s comedy gets laughs from topics as diverse as buying insurance from animated lizards on TV, psychic phenomena, Jerry Springer and maybe most relevantly– why exactly is Honey Boo Boo featured on the ‘Learning Channel.’ These do indeed seem to be troubled times on the face of it, however rest assured that with Jeff behind the wheel, your tour of such cultural phenomena will be a zero to 60 laughter outing, that will make you think, gasp and above all laugh.

If you have never seen Jeff shred an audience at a comedy club then you owe it to yourself to enjoy the experience before you can only do so at theatre prices. When regular people ask me that “Who is your favorite comedian?” question, I can tell whether they know much about comedy by their reaction to my response “Jeff Wayne,”–if they have ever seen ‘Big Daddy’ then they just nod in immediate understanding. Jeff is one of the true comedian’s comedians, who is afraid of nothing and can draw laughs from topics that lesser comic might be nervous about tackling. Since he might read this article I won’t embarrass Jeff by describing him as one of the most unique genius’ in the comedy business–but he is.


~ by Nick Lewin on June 13, 2013.

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