Reveen Remembered.

ReveenIt is quite an amazing phenomena the impact that Peter Reveen created in people’s lives. He touched a great many people in a great many ways. The Celebration of Life—Memorial Service that was held for Peter on May 18th brought together a large group of people whose lives had been changed and improved by their contact with this master showman. Reveen had the capacity, and heart, to make everyone feel special–it was always personal with Peter.

The celebration was lovingly organized by Bill Smith and took place at the Desert Willow Golf Course/Sun City in Henderson, Nevada. Bill began his long friendship and association with Peter, when he traveled to Sacramento with fellow Long Beach Mystics Les Arnold and Stan Allen in 1974 to watch him perform. Bill went on to build many of Peter’s classic illusions, including creating a giant hockey puck for Reveen to levitate during a Canadian tour. It must have brought the house down!

Tyrone Reveen acted as MC for the event and introduced the stream of people who were there to pay tribute and homage to his father. The Reveen heritage has landed in safe hands, after memorizing the nearly three hour hypnosis show that his dad made a legend around the world, Tyrone and his beautiful daughter Morea are now bringing it to a whole new generation. How proud it must make Coral to know that the ‘Superconscious Experience’ is still continuing in the hands of the Reveen family.

The ceremony began with a short prayer by Pastor Terry, then after a video overview of Reveen through the ages were a series of Bill Smith: Reveenheartfelt speeches. The speakers paying tribute to Peter included Bill Smith, Tommy Lang, Dante Larsen, Ralph Craig, Anthony Cools, Bob Brown, Charlie Frye, Amazing Johnathan, Diana Zimmerman, Bob Curtola and Jeff McBride. Each had a story to tell about the friendship and inspiration that Peter had extended to them. Several were very open in expressing their belief that Peter had quite literally saved their lives. The tribute began with Geary Rindels reading a message from television legend Chris Bearde and also included video messages from Jeff Hobson and Fielding West.

There were two songs rendered to great reaction by cantor Phil Goldstein, ‘Wind Beneath My Wings’ and ‘Lord Raise Me Up.’ Cantor Goldstein assured us that his real name was Max Maven! The occasion was also used for John McClenahan from the IBM Fantasma Ring 257 to perform a simple and moving Broken Wand ceremony. Always supportive of magic, Peter was a member of the IBM, SAM, Magic Circle and Magic Castle. Also, he was an avid Mason, Shriner and member of Variety Club.

The Las Vegas magic scene was represented by some of the finest talent in the industry including; Lance Burton, Siegfried Fischbacher, Stan and Rhonda Allen, Norm and Lupe Nielsen, Johnny and Pam Thompson, Mr. Tihany, Bob Rossi, Luna Shimada, Mike Douglas, Mac King, Sonny Fontana, James Dimmere, Jason Byrne, Juliana Chen, Ariann Black, Jason Andrews, Winston O’Rourke, Paul Stone, Gabrielle Lyster, Tyler and Mistie Knight and a host of others. Bob Brown and Jay Alexander flew in from Sacramento and San Francisco respectively for the celebration.

ReveenThe long and warm relationship between Reveen and the Magic Castle was very apparent with Irene, Erika, Dante, Lily Larsen and Joan Lawton all present for the occasion. There were many entertaining stories about the tight bond between Peter and Castle founder William Larsen Jr. Many of us first met Peter through the Magic Castle.

Approximately 300 people attended the celebration and were seated at tables of ten. Wine, beer and a delicious buffet were served to all present and the event closed with a series of long streamers being fired over the audience. The streamers were a nice touch that would have delighted the master showman himself.  Attending the event, were Peter’s wife and partner of 54 years Coral and their four sons Wayne, Tyrone, Calvin and Peter Jr. and daughter in laws Lisa Marie and Cathy. Reveen’s six grandchildren; Alexander, Morea, Carson, Candace, Cody and Taj were in attendance. Morea and Taj each gave heartfelt speeches expressing their love and devotion to their grandfather.

Peter James Reveen, October 8th 1935, to April 8th 2013.

A master magician, hypnotist, showman, family man, humanitarian and friend to all, whose life was one of the most fascinating stories in show business history. Reveen will be sorely missed by his friends all around the world, from Lance Burton whose career he so skillfully managed, to the magic hobbyist he befriended into at a magic convention. Goodbye old friend!

~ by Nick Lewin on May 24, 2013.

4 Responses to “Reveen Remembered.”

  1. Nick: thank you for that terrific write up of the Reveen memorial. You really captured the feel and impact Peter made. It was a wonderful service.

  2. Nicely written Nick. You have done a wonderful review of the memorable celebration of life for the legendary master showman Peter Reveen last Saturday. It was a huge privilege for me to be able to attend and feel all the love & support shared by so many for this incredible performer. Like so many others, Peter made a huge impact on my life and career. I loved him more than he ever knew. I will always remember you Peter.

  3. Yes, By all means, thanks for capsulizing the event that so adequately celebrated Peter Reveen’s life and career. I was so enthralled to have some of my film up on the screen – Thank you Ty – part of the many hours of media that I captured as Reveen’s Film Archivist. Reveen and I always here able to hour each other as “Loved Brothers”. I will Miss you Peter Reveen – Your memory will always live on through the many friends you lead me too.

    Jim Tustian.

  4. Hi Nick,
    Thank you for being there and documenting the event.
    I was an emotional and up-lifting experience for all of us.
    We are thankful to all those who attended and made it happen.
    Sincere Best Wishes,
    Ty Reveen and the Reveen family.

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