Latest reviews of my Ultimate Linking Finger Ring Routine.


Some quotes about the routine.

Jeff McBride said, ” I’ve seen Nick Lewin perform on stage in Las Vegas and can say this…his routine is the most entertaining Linking Finger Ring Routine I have ever had the pleasure to witness.”

David Regal said, ” The Linking Finger Rings is one of the great magical effects, and Nick Lewin’s original approach possesses elements found nowhere else.. It fools the eyes, ears and more importantly the mind.”

 Mac King said, “Nick Lewin’s solution for the Himber Ring routine is far and away the best one for any real working magician. If gyou really want to sell your routine put me first on the list.”

Gaetan Bloom said, ” The best routine I have seen with the rings……a killer.”

Billy McComb said, “Nick’s routine is far and away the best in the business and is one of the reasons he makes the big bucks!”

Richard Webster said, “Nick’s version is hilarious, mystifying, and one of the closest things to real magic I’ve ever seen.”

Kozak said,”There are reputation makers and there are money makers, this routine is both!”

JNeal Brown said,”I am overwhelmed by the beautifully produced book that accompanies the discs! To say I am impressed is the very definition of understatement.”


In the last 30 years I have developed a totally unique routine that, along with a handful of others, has earned me a fine living. The impact of the routine is achieved with a collection of linguistic and psychological subtleties that is not easy to teach. It requires enormous attention to detail in order to pass on the full routine. It is a truly stunning piece of magic and the impact on an audience is astounding. The effort to both teach and to learn it correctly is well worth the detail and effort.

The routine that I am offering is presented with exactly that degree of detail. This limited edition of the routine will come complete with the Book, a DVD, and a 50 minute Skype or similar one-on-one learning session. It also comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity and full performing rights. I believe anything less would fail to do it justice. Only the first 100 sets will have full television performance rights included.

I made my debut on American television with an early version of this routine on the Merv Griffin Show. Merv described it as, “The

most amazing piece of magic I have ever seen.” I performed the fully fledged routine on a cable special that aired on Comedy Central and it received an ACE nomination for excellence in cable broadcast. Those TV rights mean something!

My performance of this effect at the Hollywood Foreign Press (the group who present the Golden Globe Awards) ‘Tribute to Orson Welles,’ was another milestone in my career. The producers hired me to perform this specific routine because they realized its amazing impact and decided it would be a fine tribute to Mr Welles’ love of magic. I followed Peter O’Toole in the event and proceeded Jane Fonda. I would like to claim it was me they wanted, but it wasn’t—–it was this routine!

This routine is not for amateurs but the a professional performer who will take the time to learn to present it in the correct manner. While not a complex routine from the sleight-of-hand viewpoint, it has a structure and a dialogue that needs to be studied very carefully. My package teaches you how to perform it with devastating effect almost anywhere at anytime.

The limited and numbered Book, DVD, CD package including full performing rights costs $350. This includes a personal Skype session. If you wish to order this routine then visitthe online store on my website at 

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I am happy to answer specific questions if they are thoughtful and intelligent! Send me an email at to keep in touch or to reserve your  number and place amongst the 100 people who receive this package.

#1 Ladies Ring thru Man's Ring

This is a review by one of the men I most respect in the magic world. A brilliant writer

and magical thinker, Richard Webster’s review meant a lot to me.

Four years ago, Nick Lewin entertained a party of my friends. They’re still

talking about it. They remember Nick’s energy, charm and humor – and his

linking finger rings. The impossibility of the effect, and the fact that it

was done using their own rings, places the linking finger rings in the

miracle category.

In this book, Nick has included absolutely everything you need to perform

this effect. Every detail, every nuance, is clearly covered. Nick has honed

this effect over thousands of performances in every type of situation, and

his knowledge and expertise is apparent on every page. His advice on the

type of ring to buy surprised me, but it made perfect sense after reading

why he uses the particular ring he does.

That small piece of advice alone could save you a great deal of money. The

second part of the book takes you step-by-step through the performance of

the routine. Nick clearly explains every detail, and even includes his

hilarious faith-healing stunts, complete with the sound effects which are on

the CD contained in the package. Nick also includes a DVD containing full

instructions and a complete performance.

After watching Nick perform his ultimate linking rings routine, and knowing

how he did it, I wrote: “When Nick linked the rings directly in front of me,

the only explanation I had was that it was genuine magic, I still get goose

bumps when I recall the moment.” If you want to perform real magic, and give

your audience goose bumps when they think about your act afterwards, you

should seriously consider buying Nick Lewin’s Ultimate Linking Finger Ring Routine.

#17 Removing the unlinked Ring from the Bunched Rings




~ by Nick Lewin on April 20, 2013.

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