Remembering Hal Spear. A Great Comedian and Magician.

Hal SpearThere was very sad news on the Internet this week about the passing of Hal Spear. Hal was a long time magician and comedian who was a creative and delightful force in both areas. Born in Livingston, New Jersey he was now living in Las Vegas, Nevada—like so many other magicians and comedians. An avid magician from an early age, Hal was creative and persistent in his approach to magic. Ultimately he moved more into the comedy sphere than the magic world. However he never lost his interest in magic and brought his encyclopedic knowledge of comedy to bear on his first love.

As a comedy writer Spear wrote for such shows as, ‘The Drew Carey Show,’ The Tonight Show,’ ‘The Arsenio Hall Show,’ ‘The Howie Mandel Show’ and many others. He also wrote for comedians such as Rodney Dangerfield, Jay Leno, Howie Mandel, Rosie O’Donnell, Tim Allen and Rich Jeni. He was one funny guy. As a performer Hall (Chickie– to his friends) was seen on numerous TV shows and appeared in every kind of live venue. His comedy was always fresh and smart. He was a true comedian’s comedian. However, he never forgot or abandoned his magical roots.

The last full day I spent with Hal was in Victoria BC when we visited Murray Hatfield’s magic store and had a delightful lunch with

Hal SpearMurray and Eric Bedard. You can share some of Hal’s talents in three excellent releases he has recently made via Paul Romhany’s online magic store. They are ‘The Amazing Twenty Dollar Bill Trick.’ ‘CSI—The Case of the Half Died Hanky,’ and his superb book of comedy routines ‘Extreme Magic Makeover—Comedy Classics.’ It is an education to see what a real comedy writer can do in routining magic. They are highly recommended. Check out details at

It is amazing how many brilliant minds are fascinated by magic at an early age, and how often they retain that interest. Hal Spear was a true lover of magic and one of the most friendly and generous people you could hope to meet. He is the kind of person that magic needs more of. I don’t claim to be one of Hal’s closest friends but I wish I had of been, he enriched my life immensely by the contact we had. If you want to watch Hal perform comedy then look him up on YouTube, where he is well represented, and settle back to laugh. The comedy and magic world are both smaller and less interesting places with his passing. I will miss him.

He had a heart attack while away working and returned home, only to pass during the next night. I am not sure of all the details exactly. However, it is worth passing on to our fellow entertainers the incredible benefit of taking out travelers insurance while working overseas or on a cruise ship. You can get full coverage, including emergency evacuation, for about $5 a day. This is about the cost of a Latte at Starbucks and could mean the difference in saving you a great deal of money or possibly your life. I never work an overseas or cruise gig without it. Ever. It is easily obtainable from an independent agent and can be set up with a phone call. At the very least make sure you are traveling with chewable aspirin with you at all times—they too can make a life or death difference.

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Chickie & poster


Lunch in Skagway

~ by Nick Lewin on March 16, 2013.

3 Responses to “Remembering Hal Spear. A Great Comedian and Magician.”

  1. The macho BS of “everything will be fine'” if I make it home is a fantasy. Buy travel insurance and at the first sign of a heart attack go to the ER. Travel insurance is 3 to 4 dollars a day and is worth every penny. You need health insurance too. Read up on heart attacks, ingest chewable aspirins and do NOT lie down if you are having an attack. Nick buys Seven Corners insurance. Do NOT leave home without it.

  2. Travel insurance is a must! You don’t really need it until you really NEED It! Don’t be cheap! It’s worth every penny! If you do NOT use it, GOOD FOR YOU!

  3. One of my dearest friends for many years, NYC_Miami days.
    RIP, baby.

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