‘Let’s Do Magic for David Oliver’

2david-oliverOne of my original goals in writing my blog was to talk about the various magicians I have met who have helped and inspired me throughout my magic career. That’s why I called it ‘Meetings With Remarkable Magicians,’ which is also a nod of the head to my spiritual teacher Mr. G.I. Gurdjieff.

One of the things I really tried to stress was how sometimes a brief/chance meeting could cause a huge difference in ones understanding and outlook as a magician. Along our path you sometimes make contact with an individual who just refreshes your life, just with their presence and being. David Oliver is one of those people for me. We haven’t met often, but have a lovely relationship and he is one of those people I wish I lived closer to, so a fully-fledged friendship could blossom.

David has been a full-time magician and full-time asset to magic for many years and recently has been a frequent performer at ‘Monday Night Magic’ in New York and the ‘Mystery Lounge’ in Boston. He has been an advisor and mentor to hundreds of young magicians throughout the years. One of the first things you take away from meeting David is his generosity towards magic and magicians.

In October 2008, David underwent lung surgery after contracting a potentially fatal lung affliction called hypersensitivity pneumonitis.  This ailment is also known as Bird Fanciers Lung, and it was caused by working and living with the doves that he featured in his show for more than 25 years. The August 2011 issue of Genii featured a full account of his ordeal. It also detailed a complete list of symptoms and how to avoid the same situation, essential reading and research if you are a dove worker.

David has been courageously battling this health condition since 2008 and is now facing a double lung transplant. There has been a fund established to help David, and full details of his condition and magical achievements can be reached on the Internet at www.letsdomagic.org If you make a donation you will receive a purple wristband with David’s tagline on it. I am proud to wear mine.

images A Gala event “Let’s Do Magic” is to be presented as a benefit for David Oliver on January 19th 2013. The event will be held at Clark’s University’s Daniels Theater, 950 Main Street, Worcester, Massachusetts where there will be two performances at 2:00pm and 7:30pm. Knowing those New England magicians I am sure it will be a fabulous event and jam packed with great magic and magicians.

There is also a program booklet that will be released in conjunction with this event, and it will contain advertising space for greetings and messages. ‘Advertising rates’ range from $600 for the back cover to $25 for a ‘well-wisher’ listing and ALL the proceeds will go DIRECTLY TO DAVID. It is a wonderful way to help a truly unique member of our community at a time when he could use our support and assistance. For full details of the event, exact pricing and how to reserve your space in the program contact Bob Riordan at

bobriordan@comcast.net The closing date for your kindness to be included in the program is Tuesday, January 8th 2113. Donations can be made by check, money order or electronically via the web site. You can also contact via phone at (203) 877 0157. Your contribution is very much appreciated and is a chance to help save a life. David Oliver is a true gentleman and the kind of person who glows like a beacon in our worldwide magic community. It is with respect and from the heart that I ask you to join the ‘Let’s Do Magic Team’ and take the opportunity to give something back to someone who has given a great deal to magic. Thank you.

You can check out my product line, order items and check out cool videos on my website. If someone wants to order one of my limited ‘Ultimate Linking Finger Ring’ packages from the web site I will contribute the entire proceeds to the ‘Let’s do Magic’ fund. You can find my website at www.nicklewin.com


~ by Nick Lewin on December 4, 2012.

One Response to “‘Let’s Do Magic for David Oliver’”

  1. Thank you for posting this.
    David was a member of our club.
    We are proud to be helping him out with our wristband fund raiser.
    David is a wonderful person.
    Thank you to everyone that is supporting him!

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